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First time playing in an online casino

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When you click on a banner for an online casino, you'll arrive at the casino web site. This web site is where you can read about the casino’s Terms and Conditions, their current sign-up bonus and loyalty club, their toll-free support numbers and other contact info, and the games they offer.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
Play at Casino Adrenaline

Playing in a casino for the very first time, whether live or on-line, can be somewhat overwhelming. There are many games to pick from, so many other things to contemplate that it may almost look like an excessive amount of effort, and so numerous approaches to wager. We’re here to clarify why it actually isn’t that hard to get started, and you will soon feel comfortable, once you have played a few times. The key is to only focus on enjoying yourself and ensuring that you have a great time. There are a number of things that you can do which will enable you to also enhance your own chances of winning and get the top out of your encounters in the casino. We have assembled a listing of our top strategies for casino beginners and if you follow these – you’re going to be on the correct path. A number of them are useful particularly to playing online, but for the large part they’re not irrelevant for playing in land based casinos too. We’ve recorded these suggestions below, in no specific order, and we have described each one of them in more detail on this page.

Why gamble at online casinos?

There is nothing that can top the feeling of winning cash. More so, the feeling is much better when you are given the opportunity to do it without leaving the comforts of your home. However, you need to understand that not all online casinos are alike. One may be better than another.

When it comes to online casinos, the competition is tough and everyone is aiming to get an advantage over another. This is the reason why online casinos devise ways to keep loyal customers satisfied as well as lure newcomers to their site. Free online casinos are just one of the many offers you can find in online casinos. Here are some tips on how you can take full advantage of free online casinos.

Surviving a losing streak is one of the most difficult predicaments that you can find yourself in. The only way of survival is to have a huge bankroll to back you up. With free online casinos, your chances of extending your stint in the game can be virtually assured. A $500 sign up bonus will go a long way in your attempt to win the jackpot.

It takes time and hard work to become a good online casino gambler. The only way to improve your skills is to study. Free online casinos provide helpful guides and tips that will support your aim of becoming one of the top gamblers in the industry. So you should take advantage of this opportunity because it knocks only once.

There is an old saying which goes "Practice makes perfect," and this can be applied to gambling online. With free online casinos, you have the freedom to practice as long as you want until such time you're your confidence has improved. Likewise, this will give you an opportunity to develop mastery of the game that interests you.

One of the common mistakes that gamblers commit is greediness. As a result, they end up making huge bets even if they are not capable of doing so. Greediness can cause you to make harsh decisions. So as much as possible never let greed overcome your decision making capabilities. Think smart and you can see good results coming your way. Free online casinos provide an avenue for learning how to think and play smart.

Whenever you receive an offer from free online casinos, do not turn it down. By taking advantage of such incentives, you are moving yourself closer to becoming the best online gambler and hopefully towards winning the pot money.

You are the best gauge as to which online casino is the best. It can be likened to preference in cars—you may like Fords while the guy next door says that Pontiac is the best, and then the guy down the street will argue that Honda is the best. And while each type of car has specific things that make it a car (i.e. wheels, a motor, a necessity for gas, etc), it is little individual aspects that each of you likes best. That is how you determine which car is best for you. It is also how you determine which online casino is best.

Online Casino Basics

Welcome to the world of internet gambling! Now you don't have to book a flight and hotel room in Las Vegas to get a feel of casino life. You can do it right at your own home! But where do you go and how do you get started?

With so many casinos out there, how on earth can you choose where to play? Well, if you're concerned, good for you. It's your money at stake here so it's good to be cautious. Before you play at online casinos, take your time. Choose wisely and let the experts help you make the right decision.

Some of the things you want to look for in an online casino are:

  • It must be approved by third-party review sites. These review sites must be independent, comprehensive and authoritative. If you're looking for a slots gambling site, the review site must be an authority on slots that you feel in your gut you can rely on.

  • The casino must reply to your e-mail inquiries within 24 hours.

  • All means of support must work as they claim. For instance, live chat support and 24/7 availability of technical support, if these are available.

  • The deposits and payment procedures must be timely and secure.

  • The casino must be legal in the country it operates from.

  • Player complaints must be few and far in between. If there are any complaints, they must be resolved quickly.

  • The casino must be duly licensed and use credible software.

  • The casino website must have SSL encryption and other security features.

  • The casino software must perform smoothly and satisfactorily.

  • The online casino must allow players to play their games for free with play money.

  • Bonus money is always welcome. If there is bonus money, the wagering requirements and other terms of use must be reasonable.

  • Free rolls, tournaments and bonuses for loyal players should be plentiful.

  • Free games where players stand to win real prizes are preferable.

  • If it is a poker site, there must be a rake back available.

  • The casino must offer a wide variety of games with good payout percentages.

  • The online casino must accept players from your country.

  • The casino must accept payment methods available to you.

  • The online casino must have an excellent reputation.

This is a fairly comprehensive list for you to use when looking for the right online casino for you. Good luck in your search and always remember: don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose. Have fun!

This is also where you may choose between the “download” or “no-download” versions of the casino software that you actually play on. About half of all online players prefer not to download—either because they don’t want to take the time to download right now, or because they want to try out the casino before they start committing space on their hard drive to it.

Downloaded software is nice because it tends to have better graphics and run faster. The only problem is that, depending on the age of your computer and the browser you are using, you may occasionally (though only rarely these days) run into a problem with the download. If you use Internet Explorer, you should have no problem and if you do, Customer Support at the online casino can help. With less common browsers, if you run into a problem with the download, again just ask Customer Support for help.

If you’re on a 56K modem dial-up connection, it may take 20 to 30 minutes to download a casino’s software. This download time is much shorter with a DSL or satellite connection—usually only a minute or two. After you download the software, it will either open automatically for you to register and play, or you’ll have to click on the new casino icon on your desktop to finish installing it on your hard drive. This takes just a couple more minutes. In the reputable online casinos we recommend on our site, all of this should be pretty automatic and easy to do. Once it’s installed, the software can take up as much as 40MB on your hard drive. This should only be a problem if your computer is pretty ancient.

After downloading and installing the software, you will see a new icon for the casino on your desktop. Double click on that icon to go directly to the casino. Once the software starts, you may be asked whether you want to play for Real Money or for Play Money. Or, hit “Connect,” and you will be prompted to either log in or register a new account. Different online casinos work slightly differently, but all of them are designed to help you get to the games with little effort. If you'd rather avoid a download, simply select the "No Download" link from the online casino's Web site, and you will be able to register and play with virtually no effort. To get an idea what playing no-download software is like, try the games on our , , or other Play Free pages. You will be playing on real Microgaming no-download casino software!

Exactly How Do You Get the Free Money the first time playing in online casinos?

Casino bonuses are literally free money, and can be very valuable to players. Sometimes the bonus offers are for money you can cash out, and sometimes you can’t cash the bonus out, but even then you can gamble with the bonus money and you can cash out the winnings you make on the bonus. Don't underestimate the value of any bonus—whether cashable or for wagering only. Having a bonus to play on can double, triple or even quadruple your chance to win big. Just think about it. Suppose you bring $100 to your local casino to play. You have a bad run on a slot machine, and an hour later, the money is gone. There's nothing to do but go home, right? Now suppose that you are playing at an online casino, where you've been given additional free bonus money to play on. If your $100 dollars is lost during a rough patch, you still have the bonus money to play on. While you are playing on that free bonus money, you may well win! Those are winnings you would never have hit without that bonus money!

Although bonuses are free money, some come with some minor strings attached. Specifically, if you accept some bonuses, you may be required to give an online casino a specified amount of action on their tables or slots in order to cash out your bonus or winnings. This action is called the play through or wagering requirement.

Also, sometimes certain games are excluded from play on this wagering requirement. Some online casinos don’t allow roulette, craps or baccarat for bonus play, and some prohibit blackjack, video poker, and occasionally other games. Usually a casino that excludes particular games is trying to encourage new players to sample some of their other games. But don't worry, slot players. Slots are almost never excluded. So be careful that you don’t play a prohibited game when you’re playing on a bonus, because sometimes this may void the bonus and your winnings on that play.

How do you find out the requirements for any particular bonus? By reading the casino’s “Terms and Conditions.”

Be sure to look for Promotional or Bonus Terms & Conditions, as well as the casino’s general Terms & Conditions. A lot of the terms are legal gobbledygook like the “fine print” you get when you buy a microwave oven, but do make sure you can live with a casino’s bonus Terms and Conditions before you deposit money or accept any bonus money from an online casino. Call support and ask if you're in doubt.

Remember, when you play at reputable online casinos that give players generous bonuses, you have more of a chance to win, no matter what else you do or don't do. Just take a moment and look, really look, at the valuable bonuses that you'll find offered on our Best Bonuses page. And all you have to do to get this money to play and win on is click on a link and follow the instructions to collect.

Is My Money Safe Playing Online?

This is everyone's biggest question when they first start playing online, and it’s probably yours. You may feel like you’re taking a real chance depositing money with an Internet casino. You think: What if you go back the next day and the whole Web site is gone? Or, what if the Web site is there but your money is gone?

On top of that worry, you may be wondering whether the games are even fair. Does anyone ever win?

Well, let us give you some reassurance. There are online casinos that have been in business for ten years or more now, whose books are audited by major New York accounting firms, and that are multi-million-dollar operations whose reputations for honesty are as good as any of the casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo or Macau.

We have been playing online ourselves for years, and we have been guiding players through online casino gambling for many years too. We have seen players cash out wins of tens of thousands of dollars, as well as scores of wins of lesser amounts. And there are knowledgeable players, , who are playing a lot online. These players record their results and know from their statistics if any online casino software is cheating. And indeed, some online casinos have tried to rip players off with dishonest software or by not paying winners or through other unethical practices. That's why, before you deposit your money in any online casino, go look at the casinos in our Dishonest Online Casinos list. We share information with other reputable hosts and webmasters and online players, and there’s a good reason why every casino is there too. At the online casinos we recommend, however, you can feel safe. Gambling is always a risk, but your fate is in the hands of the cards, not crooks. The online casinos we recommend offer games dealt by honest software and run by honest people. You will find the highest stakes games online at VIP online casino (with cash back on both wins and losses!)

Here are some things you will want to know before you deposit any money with an online casino:

First you want to know about security. How is the security of your private financial information protected? This you can ask from any potential online casino’s customer support staff. You definitely want an online casino that will guarantee that your financial information and account are safe.

You will want to know whether or not they answer to a governing body. Any reputable online casino is licensed. A licensed casino will have integrity because they will have to answer to a governing body should anything go wrong with the casino. It requires ethics and regulations that an online casino must adhere to in order to be licensed. Having a license is proof of that a governing body is regulating that casino’s performance. It is not a bad thing—in fact, it considered a very desirable quality in an online casino because it represents safety for players. Always check with the governing body to make sure that a prospective online casino is in fact telling the truth about their license.

It is also important that any prospective online casino as a customer support staff that can be easily reached. Check how and when you are able to contact them. In fact, contact them and ask a few questions whether you already know the answers or not; this way you are able to test their support staff in their knowledge and speed of response.

Picking the right casino game

There are an abundance of casino games available to casino fans. Whether you are a slots fan or more in to table games, there is a casino game that fits your liking. Because online casino are not limited in space like a land based casino is, they can offer a wider variety in types of games and in variations of those types. The benefit in this for you as a player is that you will be able to find your favorite game while having access to other types that you can try out. The most common casino game to find online is slots. Most online casinos will have different types of slots available, ranging from three reel slots, five reel slots and seven reel slots. And there are many different themes for slots as well, ranging from classics with Egyptian themes to modern themes that are centered around a food fight or magic. It is not unusual for a well-rounded online casino to have anywhere from sixty to ninety different combinations of reels and themes available in their slots offering. Some online casinos are based and centered on slots, with only a bare minimum of table games available. But if you are looking for table games such as blackjack, poker or roulette, you will want to look for a more well-rounded online casino as a source for your casino games. In a well-rounded casino you will find table games such as blackjack and poker along with variations such as Vegas Strip Blackjack of Seven Card Stud Poker. You will even find European roulette on top of standard roulette. Also available are keno and craps. Online casinos have made for an incredible way to experience your favorite casino games without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The other benefit is that you do not have to spend money unless you wish to. You can download the majority of online casinos’ software or play in their instant flash versions for free. The only time you must deposit money is if you decide to wager actual money, otherwise you can play for fun using play money and still enjoy your favorite online casino games.

Casino Software and Browser Settings

How do I put credits into my new account at an online casino?

To receive credits you must register first in the casino. To register click on the OPEN NEW ACCOUNT button in the members menu. Choose your method of credit card payment and click on it. Fill in all your personal details, select the amount of credits to be deposited and click submit.

It may take a moment to approve the transaction and then you are ready to play!

How do I purchase more credits once I am a member?

If you are already a member and would like to purchase more credits, click on the PURCHASE E-CASH button in the members menu. Select your method of credit card payment and click on it. Enter your e-mail address, description of credit card, credit and click submit.

How can I best configure my browser? 1) Set your color to the "highest" available setting. 2) Set they screen size to a "resolution" of 800 x 600 pixels.

How do I open an account?

The registration process is quick and easy. There is a short form to fill out for your name and address and they only need to do this once. You can open up an Account now by going to the Registration page,

Why do they only support Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer?

There are a multitude of browsers available on the market to today and they cannot practically support all of them. they had to make a decision on which browsers to support and since these two are by far the most popular, they went with them. What software do I need to start playing? There are two main software components to look at when trying to access our games. The first is your operating system and the second is your browser. they have certified the games to work with the following operating system configurations: backwards compatible and will work. they highly recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser for peak performance. If your system is not one of the above configuration, it may still work. If it is not a supported platform, they will know very quickly. If they are running Netscape 3.x click here If they are running Internet Explorer 3.x click here to update. What hardware do I need? Born To Win Casino games can be played on most computers. they recommend a Pentium class machine with 32 megs of memory. If they feel your machine is running very slowly, adding more memory and disk space will help.

How many games can I play at the same time?

The number of game you can play concurrently depends on the amount of memory available and your ability to keep track. How long can I be logged in until the system ends my session? they have configured our servers to time out a session after 30 min. If they expect to be away from your computer for longer than this time, please log out and then log back in when they are ready to play. Why do I keep being asked to log on even though I already did? Most likely, this is because your computer is not accepting "Cookies". "Cookies" are how they keep track of whether or not they have logged in.

When you try to access a game, the server looks for the '-borntowincasino' cookie and if it cannot find it, will ask they to log on. To enable Cookies on your Browser:

Under the cookies options, ensure that disable cookies is not selected

and that "enable Java" and "enable JavaScript" are selected.

Press OK to continue

Make sure that "always accept cookies" is checked as well from the menu.

Select Options->Advanced->Security->Safety Level

Set security to medium or low

Ensure "Java JIT compiler enabled" and "enable Java logging" are checked.

Select the Internet icon

Press the Custom Level button

Scroll to "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer"

Select Enable

Scroll to "Allow per session cookies"

Select Enable

If they are running utilities such as Crash Guard temporarily disable it when in our site.

Why can't I hear any sounds? Certain games in our casino have sounds. When the game starts up, sound is turned off. If sound is available, they will find a sound button on the game to toggle the on or off state.

How can I improve the performance of my machine? 1) Close all applications that they are not using.

2) Reduce the display color depth size.

3) Reduce display size

4) Add more memory

5) Free up or install additional disk space. The Internet is an ever growing network of computers that are managed and used by many people and organizations. When trying to access one of our servers, there are many computers and a lot of technology in-between your computer and ours. they have no way of controlling who is on the Internet and what they are doing. This may result in poor performance at times.

This is an inherent aspect to the Internet and not to our servers.

Why am I getting out of memory errors? Browsing the Internet and running Java applications can be very demanding on your machine. In addition, if they have been running your machine for an extended period of time, certain applications may not have "cleaned up" after themselves, causing memory or disk space to be used up unnecessarily.

If they have been able to play the games in the past and are experiencing problems intermittently, try closing all browser windows that are currently open. If that doesn’t help, try rebooting your machine.

Why do I keep getting warnings about sending information over the web? When presented with one of these messages, they can switch these warnings off by clicking "Do not show this message again". In Netscape and Internet Explorer. Also, please ensure that your root Thawte certificate has not expired. Go to update your Thawte Certificate, click here.

What is E-cash and how does it work?

E-cash is used to convert electronic commerce transactions into casino playing chips.

E-cash ensures your online transactions are completely secure. E-cash will establish Account security and privacy using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the most widely supported data encryption and authentication standard on the Internet.

E-cash uses authentication tools to ensure that the visitor pulling the handle of the cyber slot machine is in fact the person who enrolled for membership and established that account. Top firewall security will ensure that your winnings are safe.

Is gambling over the Internet legal?

Adanac Capital Corporation is fully licensed and regulated by the laws of St. Christopher and Nevis, West Indies, for the purpose of operating virtual casino gaming on the Internet. The corporation operates a web site named, Born To Win Casino and can be found at this URL location . The laws of St. Christopher and Nevis shall govern all transactions between the user and Born To Win Casino.

Such gaming, however, may not be legal in some jurisdictions under certain conditions, and in some jurisdictions may not be legal under any conditions. Please verify the laws in your jurisdiction before registering and read carefully our rules and regulations

Does Born To Win Casino have bugs?

Every game the casino has available has undergone extensive testing. In addition, every game is recorded and archived. Should a problem arise, they can always look back and see what has transpired. they have had many people use the system, with thousands of games being recorded and no incident to date.

I have not received my Account refund?

Please note that withdrawals by customers who have made deposits by check will be honored as soon as such check clears our bank. Customers who have made deposits with their credit card, will receive their withdrawals in the form of a mail. For the customer's protection, funds will only be sent to the name and address of the Account holder. Born To Win Casino will not be accountable for any delay in mail service.

How do I close my account?

Account with any credit balance cannot be closed manually. Accounts with a zero balance and which have not had any activity for 6 months will automatically be closed.

What about being Y2K compliant?

The Year 2000 Issue is the result of computer programs being written using two digits rather than four digits to define the applicable year. Computer programs that have sensitive software may recognize a date using "00" as the year 1900 rather than the year 2000. This could result in a system failure or miscalculations causing disruptions of operations, including, among other things, a temporary inability to process transactions, send invoices or engage in similar normal business activities.

Based on our internal assessment, Born To Win Casino has determined that its software programs, developed internally and purchased from outside vendors, are already Year 2000 compliant, or that the cost of any needed modifications will not have a material effect on the Company's consolidated financial position, results of operations or cash flows. However, the Company is currently unable to determine if its strategic partners have fully addressed the Year 2000 Issue as it relates to their respective operating systems. A Year 2000 system failure by a strategic partner of the Company could have a material adverse effect on the Company's results of operations.

I have Registered at your Registration Page. When I clicked the "Login" button I was told to "Log in or check that your cookies are enabled"... How do I do this?

Your computer is not accepting "Cookies". "Cookies" are how they keep track of whether or not they have logged in. When they try to access a game, the server looks for the '-borntowincasino' cookie and if it cannot find, it will ask they to log in. To enable ‘Cookies’ on your Browser: Under the cookies options, ensure that disable cookies is not selected. Make sure that "always accept cookies" is checked from the menu. Scroll to "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" Select Enable. Scroll to "Allow per session cookies" Select Enable. Under the "Cookies" options, ensure that "accept all cookies" is selected. Edit->Preferences->Receiving Files->Cookies. Ensure that "never ask" is selected in the "when receiving cookies" feature. If they are running utilities such as Crash Guard, temporarily disable it when in our site.

I have Registered and successfully received $1,000 in Fun Cash by clicking the "Show me the Money" button but, I have waited over 3 minutes for the game to load Why?

Our games should load within 3 minutes, depending on your computer and Internet connection.

You need to adjust your computer settings. Here are some helpful tips to get our games Playing: Try reloading the game page by holding down the shift key and pressing the refresh or reload button. If they are running Netscape 3.X or Internet Explorer 3.X they will need to update your browser. to get the most recent version. Bookmark this site then close all your browser windows down. Then start fresh by returning to Registration Page. Clear your cache and reload the game page as per previous line. Click here for more info. Sometimes, re-installing your browser helps. The most recent versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer are found by If they are still having problems, contact us at

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