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Grand Wild Casino Welcome Bonus

Grand Wild Casino Review

Grand Wild Casino
by on , last updated on 28 September 2017


Grand Wild Casino is one of the best online casinos around. The casino and its website is divided in 3 major gambling categories which are the Grand Wild Casino, Grand Wild Poker and Grand Wild Mobile. The casino will help you in the quest of winning money with a generous welcome bonus and loyalty bonuses. We rate Grand Wild Casino 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Operator Info

Established in November 1999, under the patronage of the eminent Jackpot Factory Group, and certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commision in Canada, Grand Wild Casino is one of the greatest Microgaming-powered online casinos ever founded. The fact that it functions as a member of the prestigious Jackpot Factory Group ensures stability, security, loyalty and reliability for all players.

Grand Wild Casino Bonuses

grand wild casino bonus offers

The crucial difference between Grand Wild Casino and its competition is in the bonuses it gives to its players. It offers random bonuses per hour, plus it gives other bonuses on different conditions which are beneficial to the players. The first bonus is the one that matches your first deposit, if it is up to $/€/£200. Grand Wilds Casino also gives bonuses on the first four deposits and if you use all of them, the maximum bonus that you can get is $/€/£500. Furthermore, the casino gives monthly bonuses of 10% on the purchases made no higher than 250 credits. Before withdrawing any bonus, each bonus is subject to play-through requirement and only after its completion the bonus is transferred to the cash balance and is ready for withdrawal.

The online site offers a whopping 200% welcome bonus up to £500 with a wagering requirement multiple of 40 on most games, i.e., if you deposit £250 you’ll have £750 to play with, which you can claim after betting a total of £30000 – provided you avoid the instant win games and a handful of the slots, which use a multiple of 120. The download site only gives 100%, but the wagering requirement is just 30; otherwise the bonuses are the same on each site: regular players get monthly reload bonuses of 100% up to £500, and an average loyalty bonus of 10% (12% if you don’t withdraw it) throughout their playing career with GetMinted!

Once you have played around with the software in practice mode, new players making their first deposit on Grand Wild Casino will receive a 50% bonus on their initial deposit up to €200.00. To redeem the Grand Wild bonus, you have to turn the initial deposit and bonus over 20 times within 60 days, and as with most casinos, betting on even money chance on the roulette table does not qualify towards your bonus.

Grand Wild Casino Games

grand wild casino gameplay

Grand Wild Casino offers vast array of online casino games, which are computer operated, varying from video poker games, cards, slots, roulettes, table games, and a lot more.

There’s around 150 games on the download version, and about 85 online – and they’re mutually exclusive. The online games show off IGT’s excellent catalogue in full, whilst the download version is purely for Partygaming fans instead, which is also fully up to date with new releases like Joystick Generation and Aztec Gold all on offer. Although there’s more games if you download, there are alot more table games and videopoker online – so you’ll need to decide which types of games you’re after before deciding whether to download or not.

Both versions’ games run smoothly and look and sound great, however each version is in reality an entirely different casino in terms of both gaming and the way they look and feel. Take your pick, or use both – why not?

Roulette When it comes to finding the best online roulette site, there are so many which offer a similar gaming experience that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, it is worth checking out Grand Wild Casino if you want a truly fascinating roulette experience.

Grand Wild Casino offers instant play European and American (Double Zero) roulette via the web site, but if you download the complete software package, you also get French roulette.

French roulette is very similar to the European roulette that we are used to playing in UK land based casinos and on most web sites, and except for the different layout of outside bets, the game is played in much the same way. However, there is a rule in French roulette – “la partage” – which says that if the ball lands in “zero”, all even money outside bets (red/black, odd/even etc) only lose half their stake. Inasmuch as this may only be a one-in-thirty seven chance, it does give a little bit of help to those who like to focus on the outside bets and reduce the house “edge” a little.

There are other attractive features of French roulette at Grand Wild Casino that may be new to a gamer who has never experienced this version of roulette before. Areas of the wheel are divided into sections and given names. You can place bets that the ball will land in one of the named sections (it may cost you six bets if you are covering 12 numbers) or on numbers that end in a certain digit (ie 2-12-22-32). You can also pick any number and bet between one and four neighbors either side, and although this is not unique to French roulette, on Grand Wild casino, it is done with a certain style.

Grand Wild Casino is one the best online roulette providers around.

Rewards and Special Promotions

grand wild casino latest promotions and rewards

Being loyal can bring you benefits at Grand Wild Casino. The casino appreciates the loyalty from its players and takes care of them by ensuring they are satisfied, and thus rewards them as much as possible. By becoming VIP player you can enjoy various promotions and treatments appropriate for a high-roller. Membership to this group is strictly by invitation. If you are a member then you get top support assistance at your disposal 24/7, plus you have enhanced 10% bonus offer which is up to $1,000 a month. Other VIP bonuses and special treats like tickets to special events are also part of the VIP treatment.

While you are cumulating spins of the wheel to clear your bonus amount, you are also collecting Status Points. These Status Points form part of the “b´inside” loyalty scheme in which you can exchange points you have collected by gaming at the casino for cash and other goodies in the Grand Wild shop.

Recent goodies available in the b´inside store included tickets to watch Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and packages to the Abu Dubai F1 Gran Prix – so Status Points are worth collecting!


grand wild casino user interface

Someone at Grand Wild has done their homework when it comes to market segmentation: they offer two distinct software versions of their casino, with the instant play games differing markedly from those on the download version. We’ve never seen this approach before but suspect the team behind it know their strategy, and given both versions’ slick functionality and impressive range of titles they should hit customer targets both on and offline no problem.

Grand Wild Make it clear from outset that they have two casinos to choose from – but unlike other optional download sites, they literally do! Most people looking at the intro screen will assume that the download version has the same games as those available online with some extras added on, but in fact there really are two distinct products here offering different but consistently high-quality games, so check them both out if you want the full experience.

Control Panel What makes Grand Wild Casino any better than any other site operating a French roulette wheel is the control panel of the software. You do not have to use every feature on this to place your bets, but it does offer you plenty to play around with.

Favourite Bets – Not unique to Grand Wild Casino but invaluable for players who use systems. The favourite bets feature allows you to save and name up to 99 different betting patterns to save you having to manually lay out chips before each spin of the wheel.

Autoplay – You can use this feature at Grand Wild Casino to select your next 999 bets – integrating your favourite bets to operate in a betting pattern, and also have a stop/loss option if your balance falls below a certain amount. There is also an additional stop win option, which will stop the autoplay sequence if you have won x number of times.

Announce Bets – These are where many of the speciality bets can be wagered with the click of a button. There are 36 different “Announce Bets” to choose from, and you can either choose to bet on one or more “Announce Bet” options or integrate them into your favourite bets.

Neighbor Bets – The “Neighbor Bets” (American spelling on French roulette!) allows you to select a number to bet on and between one and four neighbours as a “safety” measure. Effectively you can back a quarter of the wheel with one click, and even overlap numbers with multiple neighbour bets. This pop-up menu also displays the current “hot” and “cold” numbers, and the area of the wheel which has seen the most recent action.

Advanced/Statistics – The “Advanced” button combines all the above features into one screen (but you lose sight of the wheel and board) whilst the “Statistics” button displays how regularly each number has been “hit” and analysis these results into red/black, odd/even, high/low and each third section of the board (first dozen, middle column etc). This is also an exceptionally useful feature for players who like to use systems when playing roulette.

All of the above can be operated by “Hotkeys” (F5, F6, F7 etc) and there is also an “Options” button which allows you to control the level of chat and announcements that are made while you are playing and gives you the option of playing the game in Turbo Mode – altogether, more than enough to keep the most impatient roulette player amused.

Progressive Jackpots

grand wild casino latest jackpots

Cryptologic has the biggest progressive jackpots on the internet. This is because many of their slots start out at $100,000 at Grand Wild Casino after a jackpot is hit. They may not pay as often as some of the other software, but the jackpots get huge! REMEMBER - ALWAYS BET THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF COINS! The name says it all. Become a Millionaire on this progressive! Play 5 reels with 9 paylines, or play 3 reels with one payline. Last time this baby hit it paid over $1.7 million! The name says it all.Play 5 reels with 9 paylines, or play 3 reels with one payline.

Hulk, X-Men, The Punisher! This is the coolest progressive anywhere! Shoot-O-Rama is 5 coins, and 5 paylines. It is a 25 cent coin and it takes up to 25 coins. Unlike other progressives you can hit the jackpot betting on only one line, but we highly recomend you play maximum coins. There is nothing worse than seeing the progressive symbols line up on line 2 when you only played line 1! Shoot-O-Rama is 5 coins, and 5 paylines. It is a 25 cent coin and it takes up to 25 coins. Unlike other progressives you can hit the jackpot betting on only one line, but we highly recomend you play maximum coins at Grand Wild.

Triple Olives is 3 coins and 3 paylines. You can play for quarters or dollars. Just line up 3 olives and you will have the best martinis in the world. Triple Olives is 3 coins and 3 paylines. You can play for quarters or dollars. Just line up 3 olives and you will have the best martinis in the world. Rags to Riches is 3 reels and 1 payline. It is $3 to hit the progressive which starts at $100,000. It has a wheel of fortune feature that adds fun and excitement. For $3 bucks this is a great play! Rags to Riches is 3 reels and 1 payline. It is $3 to hit the progressive which starts at $100,000. It has a wheel of fortune feature that adds fun and excitement.

Video Keno is like the Keno you see in Vegas. Play a 10-spot for $1. Ten out of ten pays this whopping jackpot. 9 hits gets you $4000, 8 pays $1000, 7 - $140, 6 - $20 and 5 out of 10 pays $2. Video Keno is like the Keno you see in Vegas. Play a 10-spot for $1. Ten out of ten pays this whopping jackpot. 9 hits gets you $4000, 8 pays $1000, 7 - $140, 6 - $20 and 5 out of 10 pays $2. Make sure to check the progressive slots and jackpots at Grand Wild.

Mobile Gambling

grand wild casino phone interface

The mobile version of the Grand Wild Casino is one of the highest rated versions ever created. It provides variety and offers confidentiality, simplicity and up-to-date technology. You receive $/€/£5 just by joining and an additional Welcome Package which increases your deposit and which can rise your bankroll up to $/€/£500.

Markets and Restricted Countries

grand wild casino accepted jurisdictions

Players are not accepted from a number of territories, including but not restricted to: The USA, Canada, Turkey, Cuba, China and the Russian Federation.

Payment Options and Payouts

grand wild casino withdrawal options

Deposits can be made by Visa (debit, credit or Electron), Mastercard, Maestro, Moneybookers or Neteller. Withdrawals take 2-3 working days for Switch, Solo or Delta. Credit card withdrawals are paid by cheque within 14 working days. Many people are cautious to reveal personal or financial points over the Internet. Even more so, they are nervous of making financial transactions online. Both these are relevant to online casino betting. All online casinos should have stringent security and privacy policies in place and these should be detailed on the casino site as in the case of Grand Wild's website.


grand wild casino homepage and lobby

The instant play games load up fast, into fully maximised windows (other sites take note…), with superb sound and graphics. Navigation is easy and everything’s offered in demo or real play mode with none of the relentless pressure to play for cash that some other sites exert. Apart from the promos on the intro screen, everything is very matter-of-fact, simply listing the games in each category with no visual cliches at all.

The download version is every bit as functional and the one-time only download for each game we tried was more than adequately fast, with visual and sound capabilities on par with the instant play versions although you do, of course, get to customise.

Fair Play and Security

grand wild casino encryption and random number generator

Grand Wild Casino makes use of data encryption technology to ensure the security of your financial information. This system works by scrambling your details at one end, sending the data scrambled and then unscrambling it at the other end. Only sanctioned bodies are able to unscramble the data. Online casinos should have a minimum of 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption but Grand Wild Casino has 256-bit encryption.

The casino also makes use of an independent organization that put together the security structure of the casino and the name of this body is provided in the lobby. The casino also utilizes firewall technology to block attackers. You are obligated to provide a username and password to sign in to the casino and a PIN for withdrawing funds.

Online casinos should have clear privacy policies which should be provided for players to study. Grand Wild Casino presents seals of approval from overseeing bodies that checks that the casino upholds specific privacy standards.

If the casino presents a seal of approval from eCOGRA, that is another fabulous bonus. eCOGRA was launched to help assure fair and responsible gaming for online casino gamers. Grand Wild Casino is ECORRA certified.

Grand Wild is one of the most established, multi-discipline gaming sites on the web. It is licensed in Gibraltar, accredited by eCOGRA for safe, fair game play and publishes the last three month payout percentages on the home page of its casino site. Grand Wild is also a founder member of the European Betting & Gaming Association and uses secure and tested encryption technology from VeriSign® when communicating with customers’ web browsers.

Grand Wild Casino is one of the safest sites on the Internet for gamers to indulge in trying to break the bank.

Customer Support and FAQ

grand wild casino player support

Telephone support is available 24/7 on 0845 456 3044, or you can send an email to the customer service. There’s also a 24 hour chat option where you can talk to the support staff.

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