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Island Casino Review

Island Casino
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From the opening graphic at their home page, Island Casino sweeps you away to an open-air casino on the Island shore of a tropical Caribbean island. If you are impatient, you can click on the links on the home page and jump directly to the casino, to the Cashier page or take a free visual tour of the casino games. We rate Island Casino 6.6 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

However, if you want the full experience of the site, click on the logo picture and you are transported to an attractive island image map that offers you the choice of clicking on the Casino; stopping at the Cashier Booth to open an account or make a deposit; or visiting the Info Booth for a full guided tour of the online casino games. All of the island graphics, including the wallpaper background that runs throughout the site, have a tropical pastel blue-green color scheme that creates a warm, friendly feeling at Island Casino. The Casino Tour offers screen captures of each casino game with a brief description. You can also click on the picture of each game for detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to play the online game.

The site was obviously designed with two types of customers in mind. Experienced online gamblers can head straight to the casino and begin playing after filling out the simple online form and receiving a free User ID # via email. Novice players can browse though the complete, detailed instructions and graphics illustrating how each online game is played, as well as general technical tips such as browser information and how to set you monitor display screen area to best view the online Java games.

The games themselves feature very nice graphics of nearly the same quality as you would find in a full-blown downloadable casino program. And unlike many other online Java casinos, Island's games load and play fast. Depending on the speed of your computer and your Internet connection, you can load each game in anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute. And once a game has been loaded into your computer, you can close it and go back to it any time you want during the same Internet session and it will pop open in just a couple seconds.

All games conform to the usual Las Vegas rules. Here are some of the key points:

Blackjack can be played at single-deck and six-deck tables, with bets ranging from $1-$250 per hand. The table graphic is very attractive and realistic looking, the cards deal out fast and you bet, hit, stand, etc. by clicking on "buttons" that look like chips lying on the table -- a very nice touch. You can split, double down, and take insurance. After each card is dealt, the chips light up to show you your available options. Surrender is not available. A very nice playing experience. Video Poker comes in five different variations with Quarter ($0.25) and Dollar ($1.00) machines. You can play Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Double Joker Poker. Craps is fun. You place your bets and two animated dice tumble across the craps table on your browser. All the usual table bets are there, with a betting range of $1 to $50 per bet. There are two Slot games, each in Quarter ($0.25) and Dollar ($1.00) denominations. You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per pull. Both slots feature nice graphics in the classic, single win line design with animated arms -- another nice touch. There is the "Tropical 777's" machine and the "Treasure Island" machine, which features a special jackpot if you put all three pieces of the treasure map together. It pays off $5,000 on the maximum $3 bet. Roulette uses zero and double zero with bets ranging from $1 to $200. "Inside Bets" (on the numbers) are limited to a maximum of $50. If you like high stakes Baccarat, you can play it here. Handsome card shoe graphic. You can bet $1 to $250 per hand. Overall, Island Casino is far and away the best online Java casino we have seen. It holds its own against the bigger, slicker downloadable casinos, and it leaves all other online Java casinos far behind in quality of graphics, speed and ease of use. Island has instant online credit card processing, so you can make a deposit and be playing for real money in minutes -- less time than it takes just to download many other casinos. You can get a free User ID# and play all of the casino games for free to try them out before you put your money on the line. Give Island Casino a try, we think you will be glad you did.

Hence, is Island Casino safe to play at?

For sure.
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