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Wooden Boy Slots Review

Wooden Boy Slots
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Enter the online gaming fairy tale world and play Wooden Boy. Puppet strings, wooden toys, and music that sounds like wooden puppets dancing all act as enticing invitations for the online progressive slot game, Wooden Boy. While the game attracts slot enthusiasts, it is important to understand that the odds heavily favor the house, and players’ chances of winning are slim. We rate Wooden Boy Slots 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The online slot game Wooden Boy offers players a fairy tale like gaming screen that is very easy to navigate. The gaming screen appears almost carved out and a clear wood working shop exists as the screen’s background. Hand-made wooden toys and other items display themselves throughout the gaming screen. And, the game’s namesake, a wooden boy, hangs from the upper right corner of the screen.

The progressive jackpot amount is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. This amount, which is just over $1,800, can be triggered randomly with any winning game (spin). In the middle center of the online gaming screen consists of the actual spinning reel for the game Wooden Boy. The lines run in a vertical line on the outside of the spinning reel.

Directly under the spinning reel are the game directives. These, perhaps, are one of the most attractive aspects to Wooden Boy. These game directives are laid out in such a manner to make the betting process extremely simple for gamers to understand. First, in the lower left corner is the Bet Per Line box. In Wooden Boy, players can wager on up to 20 different lines. Then, the Lines Selected box is next. In between the Bet Per Line box and the Lines Selected box is the multiplication symbol, “X.” This indicates to players that the multiplication of these two boxes equals the total bet amount per spin. Actually, adjacent to the Lines Selected box (on the right side) is an Equals (=) symbol followed by the Bet box. This Bet box contains the total from the first two boxes and is the total amount that is bet per spin. Next to the Bet box is the Win box. When you win a spin, the total amount won is displayed here. Finally, the last box in this row below the spinning reel is the Spin box. The monetary, menu, and help options line the entire bottom of the gaming screen.

In order to play Wooden Boy, first determine how many lines and how much per line you wish to wager with each spin. This amount can change from spin to spin. The minimum bet per line is a penny while the maximum bet per line is $5.00. Once you have selected your wager amounts, click on Spin located in the lower right side of the screen. Listen to the sounds of wood clicking as the reels spin. If you win, the screen will highlight which lines are the winners and how much money you have won. Additionally, a charming dancing wooden boy symbol acts as a wild card of sorts to help aid players to get winning hands. If one or all of his body shows during a spin, then the boy does a dance. If he aids a winning hand by being a wild card, then there is music while he dances.

Another attractive quality of Wooden Boy occurs when three, four, or five Fairy symbols appear on the screen. When this happens, players are awarded five, ten, or 15 free games. Within these free games are additional chances for gamers to win money. An entertaining and childlike appearing game, Wooden Boy engages slot players of all types. With amiable symbols and multiple lines betting, players can truly enjoy their game experience. However, be cautious while playing Wooden Boy as the likelihood of winning is about as high as a wooden puppet turning into a real boy.

Hence, is Wooden Boy Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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