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Online Gambling with creditcard

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You want to make money out of online casino games. To achieve this, you need to make a deposit for the online casino game. But you have doubts. Will your money be safe? Perhaps the online casino will run and take your money. This may happen because there are a few online casino operators which are fraudulent. They are out there because they want to swindle money out of unsuspecting players. But most of today's online casinos are legitimate.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
Play at Ikibu Casino

They are proud of their honest reputations. And they certainly send payments on time. If this fact has relieved your mind of your doubts, then you are probably ready to make your first bet using real money. It is, after all, the only way to realize your goal of winning real money. But how do you make a deposit? There are several methods available to you so that you can send money to the online casino operator. The most convenient among these is using your credit card. Visa and the Mastercard are the most commonly accepted credit cards by online casinos.

But, you may encounter a glitch when you use your credit card, especially if you are located in North America. The banks will automatically reject such purchase. This is because credit card companies have a regulation that requires the casinos to report the transaction as 7995. This number means that the credit card was used to buy tokens for an Internet gambling activity. Such activity is considered by banks as high-risk trade. Thus, the system of banks automatically denies purchases identified as 7995. If you encounter a problem like this, you still have other options.

You may use your credit card to open an online account. This may be PayPal or FirePay. If you purchase tokens using such accounts, the transaction will be reported as a pseudo-cash transaction. Banks do not have an automatic mechanism to reject such transactions. Since this is a viable alternative to directly using their credit cards, many players utilize this mode of depositing money. Another mode you can use is the Western Union. You may use your credit card to send money via the online Western Union. Or you may visit the nearest Western Union office and give cash. Still another mode of payment is using a wire transfer. You may use either Neteller or Layeway for this. If you are unfamiliar with this method, there is always a simple step-by-step instruction posted for you to follow. If none of the described modes of payments works for you, you may use the ACH (an electronic check). But you must be aware that some online casinos do not honor the ACH.

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