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3-Reel Slot Machines

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In offline and online casinos, slot machines such as the 3-reel slot machines are by far the most popular casino game that people play. 3-reel slot machines are fun and easy to play.  These 3 reel slots come in a variety of themes, feature numerous options in terms of cost per spins and pay lines that can be played.

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Playing 3-reel Slot Machines

When playing 3-reel slot machines, a slots player simply heads to the casino destination of choice or visits an online casino.  Whether it is the local casino or one of the numerous Las Vegas Casinos, 3-reel slot machines are a main draw.  To play 3-reel slot machines on line, simply visit one of the quality online casinos that we recommend.

Once at the online slots site, you can establish a player’s account, make a deposit, and find your favorite 3 reel slot game.  Each online casino we have reviewed is a trusted casino that we believe to be amongst the most reputable in the industry.  Each of these trusted casinos provide a full selection of 3-reel slots games for your enjoyment.

As you may have guessed, 3-reel slot machines take on a wide variety of themes.  Some of the most popular 3-reel slot machines take on themes that are Egyptian in nature, such as Pharaohs Fortune Slots, while other popular 3-reel slot games take on a patriotic theme such as that found on Stars and Stripes slot machines.

Other three reel slots take on a festive theme.  Mardi Gras, and Party Time are amongst the more festive machines that you can play.

Cost Of 3-reel Slots

3-reel slot machines can be played for as little as a penny per spin.  You can also play nickel 3-reel slot machines, as well as 25 cent 3-reel slots, and even $1 three reel slots games.  The winning patterns, symbols and combinations depend on the theme of the game in which you are playing.  In addition to being able to play 3-reel slots for different prices, 3-reel slot games pay differently from game to game depending on the number of pay lines played.

The classic machines use one payline and pay out based on the combination of symbols straight across the very center of the reels.  Other 3 reel slots use three pay lines and pay out based on the slot reel symbols that go across the center, as well as the top and bottom of each reel.  Slots with 3 reels and five pay lines pay straight across based on the combo on each fifth of the reels.

3-reel machines that have nine pay lines use a combination of horizontal and diagonal pay lines.  When playing 3-reel slot machines with multiple paylines, you can choose to play a single pay line or you can choose to play some or all pay lines on these slots.  Additionally, the games can often be played for a single credit per pay line or they can be played for multiple credits across each payline. Also check out the 5 reel slots tournaments if you are looking for added fun!

5-reel slots are the most exciting of slots games that can be played online or offline at casinos.  Unlike their 3-reel slot machine counterparts, live 5-reel slots are predominantly Video Slots games in that there is not typically an actual reel that spins.  Instead of using actual slot reels, 5-reel slots rely on a random number generator and a display screen to display the results of the spin.

Because there are 5-reels, the number of winning combinations is numerous on 5-reel slots.  Whether playing 5 reel slots online or offline, players can choose from 5-reel slots games that have different themes and span across a variety of costs.

Additionally, the number of pay lines that five reel slot games feature is much higher.  Because of the extra reels (compared to 3-reel slots), 5 reel slots can feature as many as 25 pay lines, which give you far more ways to win when you play 5 reel slots.

The 5 reel slots you will find online adopt a wide variety of themes.  Many of the more popular 5 reel slots games take on themes surrounding Cleopatra, which is the case in the Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slots game.  Additionally, other slots games of this nature reflect the persona, image, and likeness of celebrities.

Dennis Rodman, the Osbournes, and Elvis Priestley are amongst famous celebrities who have their face on 5 reel slot machines you will find on line.  Other 5 reel slots take on the theme of popular game shows.  Wheel of Fortune slots, as well as the replica Wheel of Chance slot game are 5 reel slots that are appropriately based on the TV game show Wheel of Fortune.

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