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A beginner's guide to online slots

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New players wanting to learn how to play online slots will find soon enough that nothing can really prepare them for playing online slots for real money. While it is true that the slots game is not really hard to figure out and every game works pretty much the same way but once you bet money then everything is pretty much left to chance. We will show beginners how to play slots properly.

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The advantage of online slots games is that the average payout is actually more than the highest payouts in a land based casino. The odds are way higher in online casinos than in their brick and mortar counterparts. Plus players can get the chance to learn how to play online slots without actually losing money as online casinos all offer free games for new players to practice on.

The first thing a player has to learn in online slots is the payoff table. This table indicates which combinations win and whether you will get higher payoffs if you bet multiple coins. There are multi-line and multi-reel slots that can get a tad tricky to master so it is good to try them out on the site’s free game section first.

The two types of online slot games are the three-reel slots also known as the classic slots or the fruit machines, and the five-reel games. The five-reel type can be found in Video Slots or 3D slots. Video slots are the first advancement in casino software, with games that feature animated symbols. The bonus rounds will take players to a second screen where they are given tasks in an environment that resembles a video game. With 3D slots, the action is more realistically designed by MMPORG software designers bringing their expertise in creating virtual adventure games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots are now all the craze in the online casino community. Most progressive games are played on the five-reel slots version but they are still present in the classic three-reel slot games. It is very easy to learn how to play online slots with jackpots, because they are the same as the usual slots for beginners.

There is no danger of being cheated in online slots as the software developers use an algorithm that runs without human interruption. These algorithms do not make mistakes and they cannot be designed to cheat players. Many slots players who frequent land based casinos have not taken up online casinos and stay home to play for as long as they can.

Both the three-reel and the five-reel slot games use a random number generator that works infinitely, constantly generating random numbers. Each time a person plays the combinations they get are completely random bucking myths like if one plays long enough the odds will improve or that a certain game yields more wins than others.

Perks of Online Slots

Online slots accept conditional bets and yields bonus multipliers. There are several bonuses as well as surprise prizes within the game. There are online slot games with progressive jackpots, which mean that one slot game is tied up to other games so that he payoff is a big collective jackpot. The odds in progressive jackpot games are considerably slimmer for players.

Basic Slot Terms

Knowing the terminology is a great key to have when you are dealing with any internet casino game. The more you understand the rules and the meanings of the word; you will be better off playing.

Bonus: This is a special feature of a game theme. The bonus is activated when certain symbols do appear in a winning combination. With the bonus in the slot machines, the player will be shown different screens to choose from. The amounts of credits are shown to the player, showing them how much they won.

Candle: The candles on a slot machine are the lights that sit on top of the slot machine. When it flashes it is alerting the casino personnel to either a big winner or a problem with the machine.

The carousel: This is the grouping of slot machines; they are usually in a circle or oval formation

The Coin Hopper: This is a container where the coins are available for payouts are held. The mechanical device rotates the coins into the tray when the player collects the credits by pressing the cash out button. The coin hopper is located in the machine.

Credit meter: This the light on the machine that lights up and lets you know how many credits you have left to play and how many credits you have won already.

A Drop Box: This is the container that is located at the base of the slot machine; it is where the winnings drop into after you have cashed out.

Hand Pay: this refers to the payout made by a slot attendant or the change cage. The hand pay is the payment amount that exceeds the maximum amount that was preset by the machine.

Hopper Fill Slip: This is a paper that the slot attendant records the change that goes into the machine after making payouts. The slip tells the casino how much was put in and when. Plus the signature of the employee must be put down.

The Lowe level or Slant Top: These are names of the slot machines that include a stool so you can sit.

Stand Up or Upright: These are free standing machines that the player must stand while they play.

Optimal Play: This is a payback percentage that is based on a gambler that is using the optimal strategy in a skill based slot machine game.

Play line: This is a straight or zig zagged line that you can see crosses the symbol on the reel, along with the winning combination is evaluated. The classic spinning reel machines usually have up to 9 play lines. Video slots have 50 lines.

Roll up: Process of dramatically playing a win while meters count up to the amount that has been won.

Short Pay: This is a partial payout that is made by a slot machine. This may be because the slot doesn’t have enough coins to cover the win.

Tilt: in the old days the slot machines had tilt switches. The modern machines do not have tilts.

Having an understanding on the workings of slot machines veers one away from advertisements that promises to share tips and tricks which are nothing but marketing gimmicks. Although there are real ways on how to optimize your potentials as you play slot machines, what one should keep in mind is that you play because you want to have fun. When the thoughts of hitting the big jackpot become your sole motivation to play, the entire goal of playing is all at once defeated. Here are some pointers to slot machines for beginners.

Joining a Player Rewards Club has been proven to be of benefit to slot machine players. Getting a membership is free and this entitles one to promotions and rewards each time you place a bet while you play slot machine. Points are earned each time which one can use to redeem from discounts in hotels to free meals in restaurants. Spend only what you can handle losing. Setting a limit for yourself protects you from ending up remorseful for having spent your entire life savings on slot machines. The key? Spend wisely. Play slot machines that offer a high yield of return with just a low investment such as quarter or dollar slots. Choose a slot machine with single pay-line and stakes at maximum that fits your bankroll. What slot machine do you prefer? Are you after a huge jackpot or would you rather go for a slot machine with moderately-sized winnings but pays steadily? Decide whether you are to play slot machines that are straight or progressive. The chance of winning is higher for larger progressive amounts. Look at the payout schedule. After you have determined what machine you've chosen to play, take time examining the payout schedules. It is best to choose to play slot machines that offer the best payouts in the small and medium-sized winnings range that also offer a modest jackpot.

Are you betting a single coin or maximum bets? Consider the allowance in you bankroll. Play slot machines with max coins as much as possible because although winning combos are fewer, they usually pay out bigger jackpots that may surpass total winnings from single-coin bets made several times. Can you afford to play with dollar bets? If yes, try the quarter machines with maximum of 3 or 4 coins. Use only your money from your determined bankroll and never use your credit card if the bankroll limit has been used up. One needs to have discipline to not gamble what you have won. Some gamblers have a locked box where they put all their winnings and they don't usually bring the key with them to the casino and as such, they always leave with some money. The slot machine doesn't pay out well? Then, move on to another slot machine. Don't waste your time and money on a slot machine that is probably out of your luck. Usually, those who play slot machines and are already on a losing streak move on to another slot machine for a change of ambiance. Give yourself a winning upper limit. Don't be too greedy and aspire for more if you have already won 100% of the bankroll. Lost money in a previous betting session? Don't chase after them. Lastly, as mentioned, remember to just have fun. Gambling should never be your resort if there are bills waiting to be settled. Doing so would only give you disappointments and may even set you up in an unhealthy gambling addiction. Entertainment should be your goal and winning money should only be considered as a lucky bonus.

Classic Slots versus Online Slots

The first classic slot machines appeared in land based casinos and they were one of the first games of luck since the beginnings of gambling. They featured a lever and three reels. On the reels there were fruit symbols like oranges, apples, strawberries and the lucky number 7. They had only one pay- line and whenever players hit three symbols of a kind, they would get big money. With the improvements in technology, these slots have advanced and they also made their way to the online casino world. The new versions still feature three reels, but they have more than one pay- line and most of them usually come with specific slot features. Continue reading to learn more about the classic slots and how they work.

All classic slots have three reels and from one to nine pay- lines. They are also called vintage slots and are quite popular among the slot fans longing for the old days of vintage slot play. Still there are many people nowadays that prefer to play them. The newer types of classic slots also come with special features like wild symbol or scatter symbol and free spins bonus round. Most importantly, these are the types of slots that sometimes offer large progressive jackpot pools that can change somebody’s life.

To play them, you need to place a bet and pull the lever. If you wish to play them online, you have to register with an online casino, choose a classic slot from the slots category, place a bet and click on the Spin button. The bets of these slots are usually fixed.

The classic slots are usually in the shadow of the more advanced video slots. The later types of slots have five reels and multiple pay- lines or Ways to Win and feature wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus games sometimes comprised of more levels and so on. That is why they can be very confusing for some players. The classic slots are easy to play and their pay tables are easy to understand. They don’t have many features so all players can understand them. The best thing about the newer classic slots is that they are based on popular themes like well- known TV shows and themes from the everyday life and the game play is quite fun and entertaining.

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