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Basic Slot Terminology

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A basic slot is one with three reels that has a fixed jackpot. A Big Bertha is a slot that is featured in a casino that is much larger in size than normal slots and they usually have multiple reels.

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Bonus features are in widespread use in casino slots today. offers the player the chance of winning . They can also act as wild cards to create a winning line.

Cold slot is a derogatory term used for a machine that does not pay regularly. It is also known as a tight slot.

Charles Fey’s original machine was designed with a three-reel spinner, but with technological advancement these are rapidly being replaced.

The later generation of slot machines, offering more symbols and this winning combinations and pay lines. The payout schedule increases quicker, with more lines to play and more opportunity to wager.

As is explained in our terminology glossary, Progressive Slots take a small percentage of every wager to allocate to a progressive jackpot pool. The percentage varies, but can be as much as 15% of each wager. The progressive jackpot will continue to grow until someone wins it. In some cases slots are connected and each contributes to the jackpot, creating a massive prize.

Online progressive slots can have contributions from all over the world, making this form of slot machine playing well-worth it the effort. Players are required to wager the maximum coins to be in the running for the progressive jackpot.

Because a percentage of each player’s wager is directed to the progressive jackpot the pay-outs for regular winning combinations are slightly less. Players are aware of this, and play the maximum amount of coins to ensure a good chance of winning the handsome jackpot prize, which can sometimes be as much as a million dollars.

Depending on the amount wagered, players can multiply their winnings. The multiplier pays 1 times the cash prize if one coin is played, 2 times for two coins and 3 times for three coins played.

These multipliers pay-out added bonuses when players win after playing the maximum amount of coins (usually three). Bonuses vary depending on how many coins are played, for example a 20 coin pay-out will occur when a player wages two coins.

Some slot machines offer additional incentives to players in the form of separate games that can be played for free, and have pay-outs based on the wager that generated the bonus.

These slots aren’t connected, as with the progressive jackpot network. The pay-out schedule can be found on the machine. These slots work best for players on a budget, as the pay-outs are higher than the progressive slots.

When slot machines were invented, they only included one pay line and took one coin, but with the advent of digital slots, these have increased exponentially. Slot programmers discovered there are more winning combinations by programming slots to read diagonally, as well as in zig-zag patterns.

When players participate in multiple pay line they are required to activate the lines they would like to play. Only these activated lines will reward a prize. To activate a pay line, players just need to put a wager on it.

With each coin inserted, players buy a winning combination. If a player has inserted the correct amount of coins and there is a winner, that player will be paid. If a player has failed to activate a particular winning combination, the player won’t win even if the winning combination appears.

The latest generation of slot machines, this type combines the regular slots action with a 3-D theme. These themes can vary from adventurous to romantic encounters.

These tournaments feature a buy-in fee, and as this fee increases ($25 is the usual amount) so does the payout pool. There’s been a winner who walked away with over a million dollars from playing in a slots tournament that had a record amount of participants.

online slots tournaments feature information regarding the tournament’s time, buy-in amount and the payout pool, usually found on the site’s home page.

Players who would like to conserve their bankrolls can still partake in slots action by entering a slots tournament with a small buy-in.

With this extensive list of slots types, you’re sure to have a fun and exciting time playing and winning with online slots gaming!

Basic Slots Lingo

This is a symbol on a reel that once in the winning line allows the player to double or triple the winnings from that particular winning line.

This is a slot machine that has five winning lines available to a player. There will be three horizontal lines that can payout and two diagonal lines that also payout. This option is available in one of the most reputable online casinos:

This is when a player plays on one particular machine for an extended period of time. This is usually with the hope that the machine will reward the player with its jackpot. This is particularly prevalent on slots that have progressive jackpots.

These are machines that are paying out more frequently when compared to others. If you want to try them out you are welcome to visit

This is the maximum amount of money that any stand alone machine can pay out.

This is featured on casino slots and is a reward to a player that allows him to multiply his winning payout by a given number. This number can range from two to ten. This means that if a player has won ten units and the multiplier is four, the winnings are increased to forty units.

This will move the reels either up or down allowing the player to attempt to create a winning line.

This is a predefined line that the reels must stop on for machine to make a payout.

A payout is the amount of money that a slot will pay for a winning line or combination of winning lines.

Progressive Slots are a group of slots that are electronically lined. Each machine places a percentage of its take into a communal jackpot.

Reels are wheels that spin in the window of the slot. They have markings on them. When a predetermined amount of markings are matched the player has a winning line.

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