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Cash Grab Slot Review

Cash Grab Slot
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The Cash Grab slot machine is a very exciting slot machine game. Unlike some of Vegas offerings, the Cash Grab features a multiplier symbol. The presence of this multiplier makes it easier for you to win prizes... it can double as a substitute when it appears alongside two identical symbols on any pay line. What makes this much better than any other game is that because the presence of two Cash Grab multipliers and another symbol in one pay line is constitute as a win! The winnings (calculated by the winnings of the non-multiplier symbol) are then quadrupled. Imagine how much that would be for a $10 wager. We rate Cash Grab Slot 7.0 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The Cash Grab multiplier, however, is void when it is right next to the Money Grab bonus symbol.

The Money Grab bonus symbol activates a bonus stage, which makes Cash Grab slot machines starkly different from some of Vegas other offerings or even from other machines by other companies. In this bonus stage, you get to reap bonus prizes depending on how many times you play the Bonus stage. You can cash out anytime from the Bonus feature, though.

Lastly, if you are tired or are feeling lazy to press the reel buttons, you can choose to let the machine play for you for a set number of spins using the Autoplay feature programmed by Vegas. You simply set the pay line you want to wager in, the number of coins you bet and you're all set to let the machine spin automatically for you.

Hence, is Cash Grab Slot safe to play at?

For sure.
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