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Cleopatra Slot
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Queen Cleopatra VII was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and one of the most well known, it's no wonder there have been many slot machines dedicated to her spirited life. Start playing on your favorite Cleopatra slot now We rate Cleopatra Slot 8.0 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

She was born as a princess into Macedonian royalty living in Alexandria, Egypt. At the age of 17 her father, king Ptolemy XII, died in 51 BC. She ruled the Egyptian empire for 22 years until her death.

During her rule, she beget children with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Her relationship with Caesar was the culmination of perhaps her most infamous moment. While Caesar was staying in Alexandria, Egypt, she conjured up a way to make a surprise visit to his palace. With the help of her aides, she rolled herself into carpet, and was carried inside the palace without question by guards. She unrolled herself from the carpet, and Caesar was so impressed by the act, he fell in love with her.

This kind of sly behavior is one example that Cleopatra was an intelligent and crafty pharaoh. During her rule, Egypt was a major source of agriculture for the Roman empire. While Rome depended upon the fertile nation's farming production, it was Cleopatra that was able to maintain Egypt's independence from the Romans. Her direction boosted Egypt's economy into a real world power, forging trade with faraway nations in Asia and India.

Native Egyptians were very fond of Cleopatra. She learned the Egyptian language, something previous Greek rulers hadn't bothered to do in Egypt. She made attempts to immerse herself into the Egyptian culture by having her portraits constructed in the Egyptian style.

Most modern depictions of Cleopatra portray her as beautiful. And, historians agree that she was quite self-conscious about her physical image and appearance. However, it's unclear as to how attractive she really was. A coin recently unearthed from the time she ruled presents her with a modest-looking face that doesn't quite match the look Hollywood has given her today. It's certainly evident that she was attractive by virtue of her exceptional intellect and wit.

Upon her kingdom's conquering by rival Octavian, it's generally believed that she committed suicide by a pair of venomous asp bites on her breasts. Recent scholars have suggested poison as the cause of death. Regardless of how she died, her legacy as one of the most influential and powerful women in history will never be forgotten.

I'm a huge fan's of Cleopatra themed slots and am working to build an archive that catalogues all of the Cleopatra slot machines ever made.

Hence, is Cleopatra Slot safe to play at?

For sure.
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