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Common myths about slots

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One-armed bandits are mythical creatures for some. They are Lady Luck’s minions and as such, people have always attempted to buy their favor one way or the other. There are folks who will warm their coins before inserting them into the machine to thus improve their odds of hitting a jackpot. Others will rub the screen, while still others will observe other players before jumping into the fray on machines they deem most likely to pay out based on their observations.

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Are you a stereotypical type of player who still believes in myths? If you are a gambler then you should not be one of those who believe in myths. Most gamblers lose concentration and can lose a game if they believe in myths. Myths can never help you in your games, especially if you are playing the slot machine.

The following are common myths, read on and analyze if you are one of these people.

Myth # 1: You just left a slot machine, then someone after you have hit the jackpot. Damn! It could have been you if you didn't leave that slot machine.

Fact: Whether it is you or not, the slot machine will still hit the jackpot on its own.

You cannot believe this myth, even if you kept on playing on this slot machine, you are still not 100% sure that you will hit the jackpot. It is not about you or about the other "lucky" player.

The slot machine has a RNG inside; RNG is the Random Number Generator. This means that the slot machine is run by this computer generated system.

There are thousands of combinations inside the slot machine, and no one can ever know which combination will come out next.

Myth # 2: By counting the symbols on the slot machine on every wheel, you can tell the winning odds already.

You counted all the symbols? Good for you.

But this has nothing to do with getting a winning combination. You can count the symbols for as long as you want but that does not help you with anything.

In a 20 symbols slot machine there are about 8,000 combinations and your chance of getting the jackpot is at 1:8000, sounds pretty tough. Yes it is. And not only that, in computer generated slot machine there are about 256 stops for every combination, to calculate for the total possible combination will be: 256 x 256 x 256 (256 stops x 3 reels) = 16,777,216.

You sure you want to start counting the possible combinations?

Myth # 3: Casinos have the control over their slot machine; they can tighten or even loosen the machine with just a click of a switch.

Every slot machine is run by a computer generated chip. These chips are factory preset. There is a control commission that watches over these machines in every casino to ensure there is no tampering.

There is a law with regard to this myth, so this is not true.

Myth # 4: A slot machine is due to hit soon.

No slot machine is due to hit the jackpot soon. Every spin on the wheel is random and there is no point that anyone can predict the combination.

Do not believe in these myths. It will just cost you too much.

Of course, all these myths are just that: myths, without an ounce of reality tossed in for seasoning. One of the most often heard and most widely-believed slot machine myths is the one that says that a slot machine which has just paid out isn’t likely to pay out anytime soon. The myth is based on the belief that slot machines are run according to an intricate profit-plan, to which they stick religiously, gathering up money and then giving some of it away to keep players interested. Slot machines do indeed work according to a mathematically sound system which does indeed allow them to generate a profit, but the ‘plan’ isn’t so much of a plan but rather a mathematical model. The RNG (Random Number Generator) at the heart of the machine has the house edge encoded.

The bottom line: there is no other system at work in slot machines as far as casinos’ profits are concerned but the house edge. If a player sits down after you to a machine and hits the jackpot, that doesn’t mean that you could’ve taken down the same jackpot had you stayed longer. It just means that the RNG happened to hit a winning combination right there and then. There’s nothing to feel frustrated about. While most of the tips about increasing your slots odds are myths indeed, there’s one that isn’t: take your gambling online. Online casinos give their players bonuses and poker rake back -like loyalty deals, which will bite right into the house edge. As a high roller, you may even be treated to poker prop-like deals. recruiting poker prop players is done in order to increase player liquidity. In exchange for their services, poker props are lavishly rewarded with rakeback.

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