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crazy dragon

Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon Slots
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Virtually designed to look like a slot machine with handles that you find at your local casinos, Crazy Dragon is a user-friendly and simple progressive game to play. Inside the silver handles and machine is the game screen. A dragon colored green background with red, white, and yellow lettering gives gamers an ancient oriental feel while they play the Crazy Dragon. Not exactly offering the best odds of winning, the Crazy Dragon can slightly bore users while they lose their money. We rate Crazy Dragon Slots 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The way the Crazy Dragon game works is to simply match up the symbols three symbols on a single spinning line. The symbols are as entertaining as the game and most often, the symbol with the lowest paying odds appears. The oriental brown house, offering the least payout amount, appears most often in the winning line. Then, occurring rarely, are the potted plants. Then next symbol with a higher payout than the plant or the house is the dynamite stick at the onset of explosion. Lastly, the shrimp has the highest payout and shows up the least on the spinning wheel. The shrimp rarely shows itself, even in a non-matching setting.

While the symbols are drab and offer minimal return on any investment, there is a wild card symbol that makes the game playable for a short time. The Ying-Yang symbol serves as the wild card and whenever it falls in line with two other symbols that match on the payline, you are a winner. Usually, this match up occurs with the house symbol that has the least amount of payout.

To play Crazy Dragon, first decide which dollar amount with which you wish to play. Select from the chip amounts at the lower right side of the screen. You can choose from $5, $25, and $100. Then, decide how much you wish to bet and click the “Bet One” square up to the dollar/credit amount you want to bet. Then, click on the “Spin” button and wait for the reels to match or not match. When you finish playing Crazy Dragon, simply, click on “Cash Out” to get your payout if any.

While Crazy Dragon loses gamblers money quickly, there is a bonus aspect of the game where players can earn free re-spins. This bonus opportunity arrives when the dragon figure appears. If the dragon head appears, players win two free re-spins. If the dragon head and mid-body appear, players win five re-spins. And if the whole dragon appears in the reel, then players win 20 free re-spins. While this may seem like a good bonus on the surface, players can only be eligible for bonus play if and only if they bet three credits on a spin.

Players have a chance to win a progressive jackpot in Crazy Dragon. They have this chance when they receive a total of 100 free re-spins. These 100 free re-spins must occur with one spin. The re-spins do not accumulate throughout the course of the game, but rather must happen at once. If you hit the spin button and have bet at least three credits, then you are eligible. If you hit for two free re-spins, the game will automatically re-spin for you. The optimal outcome would be to win 100 free re-spins within the course of the initial re-spin.

If you want to play a game and have your money last over the course of a long period and have some chance of a higher payout, Crazy Dragon is not the game for you. Crazy Dragon requires higher betting up front and has very low odds at any payout. The bonus and progressive opportunities require higher initial betting, therefore making the game end up as a quick loss for most.

Hence, is Crazy Dragon Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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