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Five Golden Rules of Slot Machines

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Slot machines should be treated with the same healthy respect we have for games such as poker and blackjack. Players can also make money out of playing slots or lose a lot of money when playing them as well. One rule of thumb is to learn all you can about slot machines first before actually playing them. Remember to only use a set amount of money for slots, manage your goals, and be disciplined. Here are some slot machine golden rules to live by for better slots sessions.

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Slot Machine Golden Rule #1 - Always set a loss limit when you play. It is necessary to set loss limits whenever you play slots. This means putting a limit to how much you expect to lose and are willing enough to lose when playing in a slots session. The limit will be an amount that will correspond to a certain percentage of your bankroll that you can let go without having any regrets. Once you lose the total amount of money you set as a loss limit then you either choose to quit and call it a day or move to a different slot machine. There are those who set their loss limit to 60% of their current bankroll.

Slot Machine Golden Rule #2 - Stick to your naked pull number. What are naked pulls when talking about slot machines? Naked pulls refer to the number of spins you make on a slot machine and get nothing in return. Other than setting a loss limit setting a naked pull number is another important slot machine golden rule. You get to set how many naked pulls you get before you move off to another slot machine. Once you hit that many number of naked pulls then you better look for a better slot machine.

Slot Machine Golden Rule #3 - Always play on a slot machine you are familiar with. If you're the type who's in a hurry all the time, or if you're new to a casino then you should do some looking around first before you play on any slot machine. You may watch others play and see how a certain slot machine works. Another great tip when choosing slot machines is to ask any casino employee where the locals play slots, locals know which machines are worth playing.

Slot Machine Golden Rule #4 - Check if you've got the max number of coins for progressive machines. Always play at maximum coins when playing Progressive Slots so just in case you do hit the right combination for the progressive jackpot you qualify to win it.

Slot Machine Golden Rule #5 - Set a win goal. It's a huge temptation to stay at a machine when you're hot. Setting win goals require discipline and is a great countermeasure against chasing after any losses. These slot machine golden rules are practical guidelines to live by. Discipline is a key indicator for every successful slots player.

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