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Gold Pirates Slot Machine Review

Gold Pirates Slot Machine
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Reefclub Casino now offers you the Gold Pirates Slot Machine with authentic casino sound effects and state-of-the-art graphics. You can choose to wager between 25¢ and $20 on each spin. Your winnings will reflect the amount wagered. We rate Gold Pirates Slot Machine 8.6 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The Gold Pirates Progressive Slots at Reefclub Casino has these features: Chat with other players while you play. Observe others play the slots, even without playing yourself. Once you are in the online casino lobby, you can easily check to see if any of your friends are in the casino, and if so, which games they are currently participating in. You then go back to the game menu to select your game. In the "game room," some slot machines will be occupied while others will be free. If all of the machines are occupied, simply click on the yellow arrow in the upper right corner to move to the next game room. In the game room, you will find various groups of slot machines. You can choose to play at any vacant machine by first clicking on a group. If at least one machine in a group is occupied, the denomination of the four machines in that group (25¢, 50¢, $1, or $5) will be displayed at the top of the group and in the "Table Info" box to the right. If you choose to play in a group where all four machines are unoccupied, you will be asked to select the denomination of the four machines in the group.

Once you have selected a group of machines, press the PLAY button to activate your individual slot machine. Insert money into the machine by first clicking on the 25-Cent coin, 1-Dollar coin, 5-Dollar Bill, or 20-Dollar Bill in the lower left-hand corner and then clicking on the machine's coin or bill slot.

Next, choose the total amount that you wish to wager in the spin by clicking on the BET ONE button up to four times. If you choose to wager the maximum amount (the machine denomination x 4) simply push the BET MAX button. If you press the BET MAX button, your slot machine will be activated automatically. If you use the BET ONE button to select the number of wagered coins, you must press the SPIN button or click on the arm to activate your machine.

Whenever you like, you may cash out to receive your credits in the machine by pressing the CASH OUT button. Your money will be returned to your credit balance. To exit the Gold Pirates Slots room and return to the main menu, you must first cash out. Then click on the EXIT button. These are your winnings from the current spin. This is the amount wagered on the next spin. This is your credit balance within the slot machine. In addition to the extended winnings diagram, each slot machine now offers a progressive jackpot--and to top it all off--a bonus game!

Progressive jackpots are built into all of their Gold Pirates slot machines at Reefclub Casino. The current progressive jackpot amount is displayed at the top of the machine, right above the winning diagram. In addition, slot players can now enjoy the bonus game. The bonus game is all about collecting pieces of the pirate's map. Once you have all three pieces to the map, a pirate will appear to dig up your extra bonus in the sand! However, there's a catch. If a pirate turns up on the centerline on the same reel as you received a map piece, he'll steal the map piece away with his evil hook!

Hence, is Gold Pirates Slot Machine safe to play at?

For sure.
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