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History of Online Slots

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How did online slots come into being? Slot games are the most popular casino games among the gamblers around the globe. So many gamblers like playing on the fun and thrilling slot machines at but do not in fact realize their origins of these amazing machines or how they appeared. Yes, somebody might recollect that a person named Charles Fey created the initial machine in 1895, but what was the approach behind his fantastic development and how did it lead to online slots? Below follows a short history of slots.

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With the introduction of casinos online it was only going to be a matter of time before we see online slots. In any major casino you walk into there are always thousands of slot machines lining the floors with all their bright lights and playful tunes it really is a sight to behold, this attraction makes online slots so much fun to the player. The online slots that are available far surpasses what you may expect to find in land based casinos, and its this variety that keeps on bringing the online slots player back. The game of online slots is also so simple that anyone can play and enjoy, it really is as easy as pushing a button. The online versions of some of the most played and most popular one armed bandits has brought new life to outdated machines. There are also a lot more varieties with some casinos boasting hundreds of different games.

Charles Fey was an extremely triumphant mechanic who managed to invent dissimilar things concerning the machinery in the spare time. He had a tiny workshop where he lived and at the same time spent lots of evenings playing with all possible types of mechanical creations. He was also an eager card gambler but due to the low profits he could not pay for too many evenings in casinos. One night the inventor was upset as he could not go to the casino. That is when he thought about the spinning reels.

As the brilliant thought evolved in his head, he began to work on it and came up with the initial variant of mechanical machine with 3 separated reels, which would spin separately of one another when the lever was activated. With the help of some ridges and notches on the reels, they all could spin at dissimilar speeds and come to rest at dissimilar spots. To this the inventor added the picture cards of the Queens, Kings and Jacks, and, therefore, the primary slot machine was created. When a line of the same cards appeared on the machine, a bell rang and the winner was named.

Fey named this invention Liberty Bell and actually made a fortune from it. The exceptional and unique Liberty Bell machine was a fancy machine, which stood on the claw feet and people simply adored it. The Most Popular Game in the Casino The Liberty Bell was merely the initial of numerous slots. At first, they were considered simple diversions for wives and partners of the real players who were content to let the partners keep busy with the small-change games. But within two decades the mechanical slot apparatus had become the most accepted and admired game in traditional casinos. In some venues they were recognized as the "one-armed bandits" in respect of a lever, which had to be pulled. As the popularity of the slots increased, so did the technology: the initial three-reel slots modified into 5 reels, the machines became more thorough with microprocessors managing the entire spinning, and the lines were controlled by the so called Random Number Generators. Levers were no longer required to activate machines and buttons were pressed instead. Yes, some people still miss these traditional levels. However, these were all the main advances in the slot machine history.

From real slots to virtual Video Slots

For many years people have been gambling away on hat was known as the one armed bandits, these machines have always been present in casinos and also public places such as bars. Many players would only play certain machines as they new the way it played and would travel to find the particular model. The online slots have taken the best games available and reproduced them for play online. The difference being that there are now thousands of online slots available. You can play casino slots, your basic 3 or 5 reel slot, there are video slots that are multi reel and win line slots or you can play Jackpot Slots, which as the name suggests allows players to play for high jackpots. Choosing the online slots game that suits you can take a while but is worth the time and effort as you will then have a game that suits all your needs. Once you have chosen the type of online slots game that befits you best you must then choose the theme. This can range from Frankenstein to Ancient Egyptians allowing you to make the game yours.

These online slots games are the closest you can get to the traditional slot machines. They will generally have 3 reels or 5 reels and consist of a very simple win line and payout structure. Some may have little bonus games for you to try your luck on should you spin certain objects into the win line. These online slots are the easiest to play and a good place to start if you are new to online slots.

Video Slots are the progression of online slots capabilities and offer the player numerous options to enhance the game play. Firstly these online slots will in most cases have five reels, but can have up to 50 pay lines. This amount of possible wins means that the whole board comes alive and you don’t just win horizontally along a win line, you can go diagonal too. These online slots games come heavily packed with fun features and may require a little rules reading before playing.

These online slots games are similar to the video slots except that there are usually two or three jackpots available to the player rather than just the one. The lure of big money payouts to lucky punters will have players coming back all the time hoping to land that big jackpot which can reach six or seven million. Become a millionaire from the comfort of your own home.

Each game has its own set of rules that explain how each symbol on the real affects your payout and what your maximum and minimum bets are. Apart from the game specific rules most online slots play out the same way, you put your money in the machine press spin and hope for the best. It is this simplicity that makes online slots so attractive as there is no need for extensive strategy guides or total concentration. In fact in most cases the online slots games will provide you with an option to auto roll up to 100 times. This means you can set your bet amount, number of lines you wish to play and the game will spin for you while you sit back and relax. The options for this are the same in most of the online slots and also allow the player to choose certain parameters that will stop the auto spin such as your bankroll moves up or down more than a given amount or you get a feature spin. The feature spin on an online slots game will differ from game to game and gives you the chance to win big amounts of money. Most machines will let you see how the feature game plays before you start so you have an idea what to expect when you get there.

The original slot machines found in casinos and bars were usually programmed to pay out to a certain percentage meaning the player could only win what the machine wanted them to win. With the new online slots this is changed and to the players advantage. All software on online casinos are run by RNG’s, or Random Number Generators. These simply allow the program to select a number at random and the outcome of that will be displayed on your screen in the form of a symbol. Its then from these symbols the program can tell you what you have won. This does of course make the entire game down to luck and nothing else. There is no skill whatsoever in playing online slots meaning there is nothing you can physically do to improve your chances of winning like you can in say blackjack or poker. If you’re generally a lucky person then online slots is definitely for you. A lot of top casinos will also offer you some good sign up bonuses so you will also get a lot of Free Spins too, this could net you a nice little win before you start to play with your own cash.

The following huge step in the slot machine history was the development of the Web-based casino in the late 20th century. With the Internet casino, naturally appeared the online slot machines. As in the conventional land-based venues, the slots proved to be the most popular game among the gamblers in the Internet casinos. Men and women discovered that they could win at slots - at times winning actually several thousands of dollars - without even having to travel to the traditional casino and leaving the comfort of the own apartment. Even when they didn't in fact win anything, they enjoyed the comfort and the excitement of gambling the slot machines on the Internet from the comfort of own apartment. Nowadays, in the 21st century, more than hundred years after the great inventor Charles Fey had initially played around in the small garage, slots are the major attractions in conventional and Web-based venues. The huge and varied dissimilar themes, and the low investment, which is required to play the slot machine and games, have kept slots as the most popular casino thrill for all these years.

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