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Introduction to online slots in 2017

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Looking for a casino game that doesn’t need any form of skill or expertise? Then slot machines might just be your best option. Slots won’t even require you to know the rules of the game in order to win. A single press of the button is all that it takes for you to play and if you’re lucky then you can already win a prize with just one spin. This is a stress-free game so you can simply sit back and wait for the spin of the reels to give you the results.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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With slot machines there are no mathematical equations or strategies involved. There is basically no way to making your odds better at this game and although it first sounds a little disheartening it actually is more advantageous because this means that no one will ever have the edge over you at slots. With every press of that button you still have the same chances as any player does so you can be richer or poorer by a certain amount whenever you play this game. The rules are pretty much straightforward and it’s as basic as it gets. Here there are no pros or so-called big wigs because a newbie and a long time player practically have the same odds of winning. There’s no pressure at all so you can just pull a handle or press that button and wait for your fate to be revealed when the reels finally stop spinning. This holds both for offline and online slots.

The basics of the game are very, very simple. Your main goal is to get the same symbols on the window after the wheels on the machine stops spinning. It’s practically a game of luck where the perfect timing of pressing the button is the key to getting the right combination. However, there are no ways to determine the exact moment of hitting the same symbols on the reels. It’s basically a guess or a hunch but scientifically speaking, there are no ways to know it. Ironically, it is this nature that makes this game more interesting because one has to guess and make a spin to know if his assumptions are correct. And if one makes a mistake then he can simply walk away or just try again. It also doesn’t hurt the bankroll much because slot machines only require a very small amount to wager for every spin. Compared to other popular casino games that have a ridiculous wagering requirement, slots is more budget-friendly as it accepts the lowest amount of bets at the house. If you’re lucky and you get the same combination of symbols on your first spin then you’re already able to win back your wager and even add more to your bankroll.

Aside from the very basic rules and the low wagering requirements, slots are also the most visually appealing game you can ever find at any gambling den. Even the classic slot machines prove to be enticing with its moving reels spun by mechanical parts. The introduction of electronic slots paved the way for the more entertaining versions that feature improved designs and more attractive visual effects, coupled with superb audio. The mechanical reels were replaced with animated effects and dazzling lights that seem to entice more and more players to press the button and try out their luck at these electronic slots.

With the sudden shift of real world gambling to the worldwide web, slot machines have gone virtual and are now made available online thru internet casino gaming. With the introduction of online casinos to the gambling market, it is now possible to play slot machines using a computer and these games have been fully overhauled to adapt to the needs of online casino players. These virtual slots feature excellent graphics and sounds that are able to imitate the real slot machine game. In fact these online games are able to beat the brick and mortar slots in terms of entertainment value. There are now more variations that can be played online and some even have specialized themes that are sure to tickle every player’s imagination. And although the appearance of these slots has changed, the very simple basics remain the same.

Land-based casinos provide bonuses in the form of room upgrades, free meals and vouchers. Bonus for slot machines is given in cash prizes and special payouts that come after a lineup of certain combinations are revealed, the winning combination. The different symbols that you should watch out for in slot machines free bonus are the multipliers, scatters and substitutes. Progressive slot games also carry with them a large jackpot prize. To be eligible, you must bet the maximum amounts, as each wager you make makes a significant contribution, in terms of percentage of that amount, onto the jackpot.

Walk into any land-based casino or visit any online casino, and it would become apparent very quickly that slots are the most popular game available in the world of gambling. Being so popular, there are naturally hundreds of different slots available to play, with new ones becoming available on a monthly basis.

History of slots

Slots have come a long way since the very first 1-arm bandit. Slots today can be broken down into quite a number of types. Our aim is to provide you with the main categories, and to enlighten you when it comes to specific slot games on offer with a detailed review for each one.

Below you will find more information on the different types of slots reviewed here.

To view any of the reviewed slots, simply click on the category name of your choice below.

Types of online slots

Today's 3 reel slots feature the same layout as their predecessors, but there have been some changes. These types of slots feature 3 reels and will usually have 1 pay line, but in some instances they can have up to 9. Graphics, especially in the online slots, have also improved considerably. The days of boring 3 reel slots are gone - there are now slots of this type that offer bonus features as well, allowing players to participate in bonus rounds for a more entertaining experience.

These types of online slots are very popular with players, and the traditional 3 reel slot is a typical starting point for inexperienced players as they are easy to play and understand.

This slot type offers 5 reels, 3 rows and a higher number of pay lines as compared to the standard 3 reel slots. Known commonly as Video Slots, these slots have striking graphics and will usually have animation attached to symbols when a winning combination is triggered on a pay line.

A very common component of this slot type is the bonus round. Some 5 reel slots have more than 1 bonus round, and in most instances this game type will feature a Free Spins bonus round. The addition of bonus rounds has proven to not only increase the entertainment value for players, but also increases a player's chances of winning substantial amounts.

For overall entertainment value, 5 reel slots are a a good choice.

Many online casinos now offer slots with 50 or more pay lines. There is not a huge number of these slots available at this time, but with increasing popularity this is sure to change. Slots with 50+ pay lines will typically also fall into the video slot category, and many offer bonus rounds and stacked wild symbols.

Slots of this type therefore offer you more chances at winning more substantial values, however, it should be noted that the minimum bets on these slots will be a bit higher than the typical 3 reel and 5 reel variety, due to the increased number of pay lines.

A fairly new type of video slot that has been introduced is the "way wins" type slot. These online slots do not have any pay lines, and instead wins are based on like-symbols being adjacent to each other, in any position, from left to right on the reels. This means that the chances of winning are improved, as wins are now not limited to symbols appearing on set pay lines. Typically these slots will feature 243+ ways of winning, and some newer versions of this slot even offer more than 3000 way wins.

As with 50+ pay line slots, it should be noted that the minimum bets on these slots will be a bit higher due to the combinations of winnings being dependent on them lying adjacent to each other, in any position, on the reels.

Progressive Slots offer exactly what their name implies - a slot with a jackpot value that increases over time. Slots of this type will usually be linked across a number of casinos on the same software platform, and any player on any of the participating casinos is eligible to win the jackpot.

Some progressive slots have a fixed bet value, and others have a bet value that can be increased. In some instances the jackpot can be won regardless of the bet value being played, whereas others require that the maximum bet be placed in order to win the progressive jackpot when the winning combination is achieved.

Progressive Slots are also very popular due their allure of winning substantial amounts of money, and many lucky players have had their lives changed after winning on these games. Many typical progressive slots offer an increasing jackpot starting at $5000, and some offer jackpots that start at $1 million or more.

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