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Keno Slot Review

Keno Slot
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If you choose to play Keno in a group where all five machines are unoccupied, you will be asked to select the specific settings for the newly-opened group of keno machines. You can either choose for your group of machines to be public; where anyone can sit down to play at unoccupied machines, or reserved; where players must first ask for your permission to occupy a machine. You will also be able to select the speed at which the numbers in each keno round will be drawn: slow, medium, or fast. The speed you select will apply to all five machines in your group. Medium is set as the default speed. We rate Keno Slot 8.8 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Once you have entered the selected group of keno machines, select the vacant keno machine on which you want to play by pressing the PLAY button in front of it. There are a total of five machines in each group from which to select, but some may be occupied. You can move sideways by pressing either one of the arrows at the bottom of your display screen.

When you activate a keno machine, your balance is automatically credited to the machine using your casino balance card. Choose the value of your wager in the coming round or series of rounds--$1, $2, or $5--by clicking on one of the $-buttons on top of your machine. (The default wager value is $1.) Then select from three to ten different numbers on your machine's number grid by clicking on them. (If you wish to remove a chosen number, simply click on it again.) Finally, select the number of consecutive rounds you wish to play with the same chosen numbers and chosen wager by pressing one of the three PLAY buttons: PLAY 1, PLAY 5, or PLAY 10.

The next keno round or series of consecutive rounds will then begin. Twenty winning keno numbers will be generated for each round. The winning numbers will be shown on the big number display in the center of your screen. When the drawn numbers correspond to your chosen numbers, or "hit", stars will mark your winning numbers on your machine's grid.

Your payout for each round is determined by three factors: how much you wager, how many keno numbers you select, and how many selected numbers actually hit (stars). As you select numbers before the round begins, the area to the left of the number grid on the keno machine describes your possible payout according to the number of hits you may receive in the round. When the round is complete, the number of hits (stars) you have received in the round is shown to the right of the number grid on the keno machine. The total amount of your winnings in the most recent round or series of consecutive rounds is displayed under "Winnings" in the area to the lower left of your machine's number grid.

When the final round is complete, the numbers you selected will remain on your machine's number grid in case you wish to bet on the same numbers in the next round or series of consecutive rounds. If you wish to change your numbers, simply click on the individual numbers to remove them and select new numbers.

Whenever you like, you may cash out to receive your credits in the machine by clicking on your casino balance card to the right of the machine. Your money will be returned to your total credit balance. To exit the Keno room and return to the main menu, you must first cash out. Then click on the EXIT button. Winnings in Keno are determined according to the following pay table (all sums referred to are in USD): The minimum bet in Keno is $1 per game, and the maximum bet is set at $5.

Hence, is Keno Slot safe to play at?

For sure.
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