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Loose Slots Machines

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When you talk about slot machines, one of the things that mark the game is the tightness or the looseness of the machine. This is the attribute of a slot machine that signifies whether or not you have a good chance at earning back your credits when you play in it.

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When you say "loose," this means that the machine has a high rate of winning for the player. This means that if you bet 100 dollars on a single slot machine, you have a chance of earning back at least 90 dollars out of that hundred. The looseness and tightness of a particular slot machine is decided by one tiny piece of technology that people call the RNG.

The RNG is an abbreviation for "random number generator." Like its name suggests, the RNG spits out random sets of numbers. These numbers are then used to generate the positions of the icons. So, for example, when you press the reel button, the RNG is then engaged and spits out a number like .43 54 67. for one reel.

Using these numbers, the computer then looks into the database to see what pictures correspond to these numbers. So, in a slot machine that uses pictures of fruits, if 43 is a pear while 54 and 67 are apple and orange, respectively, the specific reel will have a line up of pear, apple and orange.

The RNG is just one piece of the entire software package that comes along with the slot machine. All of these instructions are packed together and processed by a microchip located deep inside each slot machine. This microprocessor is given a specific setting for payback rate, and this is the rate that governs the chances that the random number generator will generate a winning combination. This setting can be adjusted by the Casino staff. However, they have to accomplish a lot of paperwork in order to do that. This would mean that the casino has left each machine with the default payback rate programmed into them.

As people would put it, spotting loose machines is like searching for the proverbial pot of gold near the end of every rainbow. That is because casinos take special care not to put loose machines in locations that make them obvious like, putting them together in one area. They're doing business, after all, and if every person who enters the casinos wins every time, there won't be much for the casino to earn from.

The real factor to spotting loose machines is luck. You have to very lucky in order to that because the RNG is indiscriminate when it comes to the numbers that it feeds the machine. You need to have luck on your side in order to sit at the right slot machine and at the right time for the RNG to give out the right combination of numbers for a winning streak.

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