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Manhattan Slots Review

Manhattan Slots
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I had heard many mixed reviews regarding Manhattan Slots, so I really wanted to check them out and see what type of experience I would have. I opted for the instant online play and the account signup was very quick and simple to get started. I had my account up and running within just a few minutes and was instantly greeted with 7 Free Spins as soon as the slot arena opened, £5 won, lovely and no deposit required. There was a large banner at the side of the casino telling me that I could get 5 more free spins if I spoke to the live chat host. Knowing that I was imminently going to make a deposit I thought I would chat to the support early and see what extra bonuses I could worm out. We rate Manhattan Slots 8.7 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The live chat loaded quickly and I was instantly connected to Dana.A, the conversation was very polite and she offered me a 250% bonus with a 30x wager. I normally skip these large types of wagers but with such a high percentage bonus I decided to go for it. So before I even managed to find the games I was at a balance of £75. Excellent, it was going to be a long night! She responded to me instantly but she did seem very busy. Kept to first name terms throughout the conversation and made sure I was given all of the correct information I required regarding my bonus terms.

So with my wad of a bankroll in hand I strolled off to find the games. The casino lounge was simple to navigate and I had no problem scrolling through their games. The selection of slots did seem very limited compared to some of the other sites I have seen and almost every slot was over £1 for a single spin. Now I was beginning to understand why I got such a great bonus. Never the less I started On a game called Fire Hawk and after just a single spin I hit the bonus game, £29.40 banked, bringing my overall bankroll to £103.40. They had some of the classic games such as Hulk, Fantastic Four and Spiderman but again all of the games you were forced to wager a minimum of 5 pence per line (£1.25 a spin) so although I had accumulated a tasty bankroll it didn’t take long before these games ate away at it. After around 10 minutes playing these machines I was down lower than what I started out with. Then I found a game called City of Gold and managed to catch a heart pounding £98.00 bonus retrigger, one of my biggest ever wins, although I was playing for a slightly higher stake than usual. All of the games seemed consistent with their layouts, most of the games loaded quickly and the graphics were nice although I would of preferred to see a bigger celebration when the big wins do roll in, the machine seemed to hit the big when without noise or whirling machine parts ringing in my ears. I always love to feel like I am actually at the live casino when I play and this aspect lost some of the excitement factor for me. The selection of slot games was enough to keep me busy for a little while but after a repeat visit to 888 I could see myself being restricted with my play time as I had already tried out most of the slot games Manhattan Slots had on offer in under an hour.

I had been playing for a while now at Manhattan Slots and wanted to find out how much of my wager had been played through. I searched all over the site but was unable to find this information and now the live chat bar from the side of my screen had vanished, I searched through their online support but there was no longer a live chat option. I had to search through my Internet history in order to find the LiveChat link and was then connected to a host named Nikki. This conversation was very different to the earlier one, she was slow to respond and didn’t really seem to want to talk with me, she told me there was no location on the website where I could check the wager requirements and I would need to contact support each time I wanted to check. This was terrible, I had to search through my history to find this Live Chat link and pester support every time I wanted to check how close I was to actually withdrawing my winnings. Nikki answered my question and instantly killed the live support. This changed the entire feel of Manhattan Slots for me, earlier it had felt like they wanted to give me a great bonus and make me happy as a new player. Now I felt as though I had been spoken to nicely earlier just to create a deposit and now they did not really seem to care about the information I required in order to make any future cashouts. There was also no first name terms and no security questions with this Live Chat, a very worrying and poor display of customer relations.

After I had played through their slot range I decided to test out their Live Casino feature. This was great and I really enjoyed the feeling of being in a live casino. I quickly got a seat and was playing for around half an hour, up and down my bankroll went and I even hit a few blackjacks, lucky me. The live casino had a great atmosphere and there was a live chat feature so you could speak with your dealer and the other players, this was a great community aspect although I would of liked to see 888 have a constant live chat area while playing their other games so I could meet other players and share my win experiences with them too.

Overall Manhattan Slots was an acceptable place to play, it had some of the classic games but their selection was limited. The games they did have were very expensive to play and with small bank rolls it would only take several minutes before you were needing to reload time after time. Their support features had very mixed responses and after talking with them the second time Manhattan Slots felt like a place that just wanted to take your money and run, this gave a really bad overall feeling towards your play. The live casino was really great I couldn’t fault it and this aspect made up for some of 888s earlier downfalls. To summarise I think I will return to 888, but not for their support or slots, just to tickle myself with some live blackjack every so often.


Live Casino feature was really fun and had a great atmosphere.

Site was profitable within a small timeframe.

Site offered a 250% bonus and 7 free spins as a welcome package.

Overall game quality was excellent and the games and GUIs were all consistent.


Selection of slot games was small and expensive to play.

The Live Chat feature vanished after my initial deposit.

The Live Chat host did not seem interested in me, just in taking my money.

Hence, is Manhattan Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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