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Nascar slots

Nascar slots
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NASCAR is one of THE biggest and most beloved sports in the US – with intense rivalry, high-octane action who can blame followers of the prolific and entertaining sport.  What happens when you pair NASCAR racing with slot machines?  You get the most exciting interactive racing themed gambling game from Bally Technologies. We rate Nascar slots 7.1 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Bally has ensured the best team up with NASCAR to create the best land based as well as online slot gaming experience, all the while remaining true to the exhilarating sport.   Enthusiasts have rated the end result well and are more than happy with theme and play-ability.  The technology company has been accredited with many awards and milestones in the gaming and technology field. It is also known for being the first slot machine manufacturer to make use of a management system that is purely electric. It has teamed up with a lot of big companies, other than NASCAR, to make games that are addictive as well as fun and was therefore a natural choice for the production of the NASCAR game!

The game combines the regular slot machine experience with the excitement of racing. The game is unique as seating of machine in the land-based casino is in the shape of a NASCAR driver seat. The game is based on the regular casino slot machine where a player can make a minimum of 40c to a maximum of $3.20 bet on the spin.

The game is also a Wide Area Progressive which means that players can win a whopping 6 digit figure if they get the jackpot spin. One of the coolest features by far is the surround sound system on the seat of the car which gives the player the feeling that they are in an actual NASCAR stock car.

Featured is a 32-inch LCD touchscreen that’s used to play the game.  Instead of traditional level-pulls, the game includes the touch feature to make it tons more interactive.  Another reason for the touch feature is to make the bonus rounds more interesting for players.  The game has three bonus feature rounds, namely Pit stop, U Race and the Burnout.  All these bonus features give the player a chance to win more prizes while still enjoying their gaming experience.

The Pit stop bonus feature has players picking about five different lug nuts from 15 which represent points that get added to their total winnings. Hidden within four of them are special items which if selected increases a players’ bonus win and gives them an extra advantage while playing the actual game. The U Race bonus feature splits the screen into two with one showing a NASCAR race and the other showing the slot reels. Players have the choice of three directions in which they would have to overtake the computerized opponents.  All the while a multiplier reel will spin in the background and when it stops it will give the player a chance to multiply their winnings when they spin. A players’ position at the end of the race adds to the bonus win.  Lastly, the Burnout feature is where players get a chance to spin a wheel which gives them free bonus spins as well as multipliers. The player swipes across the screen to spin the wheel and if it lands, the bonus win will also automatically be added to the player’s total winnings.

Players choose one of the many famous NASCAR drivers available from the line up to represent them in gameplay.  The lineup includes racers such as Dale Earnheardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer. During the game-play as their chosen driver, players will be able to feel and hear the sounds of NASCAR racing from their Pro-surround chairs which enhance gaming experience.  Audio and video are provided from ACTUAL NASCAR races’ television sound and footage and goes all the way to include commentary from Eli Gold, the infamous American sportscaster.  The official soundtrack for NASCAR provides the background sound during game-play.

Hence, is Nascar slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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