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Nordic Slots Review

Nordic Slots
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Nordic Slots is a great online slots operator. They offer one of the least complicated slot games you can play online. These slots will usually comprise of 3 to 5 reels and have a few win lines. Casino slots will not usually have any massive progressive jackpots on them and they rarely have bonus games and features. The casino slots are your no-frills slot machine of choice and provide the player with a straight forward spin and win game. With the introduction of casino slots in online casinos, the games have taken on new life with good animations and audio to captivate players and keep the game as fun as possible. The casino slots is a great place for the beginner to get a feel for how the slots games work and you can play quite successfully for very little budget. Listed below we have picked out some of the more popular casino slots games and noted some of their features. We rate Nordic Slots 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Nordic Slots' Jackpot 6000 is a 3 reel, 5 line casino slots game. This game features jokers, a double up game and a super meter mode. It is possible to win up to 6000 coins In one game round. As with most casino slots you have a choice of playing 1 line or up to 5 lines and each line will cost you 1 coin to play. If you are playing the maximum bet then you can qualify for the super meter mode. One feature in this casino slots game is that on every win you have a chance to double your money using a heads or tails flip of a coin.

Nordic Slots' games features 2 x 3 reels with a 5 line betting option. The game consists of 3 main modes which are basic mode, super meter mode and progressive jackpot. Mega Joker plays out mainly on the one reel and as with many casino slots games allows you to spin the top reels through a winning feature. One special feature in Mega Joker is that you can win big should you land a Joker in the middle of the reels, this can pay out up to 2000 coins. This game also features a progressive jackpot.

The Lucky 8 line of Nordic Slots represent casino slots with a slight twist, instead of the traditional 3 reels this game features a reel for each symbol. Again you have the options to bet along one line or all the lines maximizing your chances of winning. The pay table provides players with a full run down of the various winning spins and unlike most casino slots it does not feature any extra mini games or bonus rolls leaving you to spin till you win. Definitely one of the easier online slots available.

Pirates Gold 2 is a 5 reel at Nordic Slots is, 9 line casino slots game. This slot machine works on the basic principle of the 3 reel versions and provides 2 bonus games for players to increase their winnings. The first sees you man a cannon and you must fire on passing ships. Should you be lucky and the ship holds a golden key you are moved on to the second game. In the second game you will have a choice of chests and must guide a parrot to open one with your key giving you the chance to win more coins.

The Magic Love casino slots game of Nordic Slots is is similar to the Lucky 8 Line game in that it has a reel for each of its symbols allowing you lots of chances to win. The game features roses, rings and fast cars as its visuals and is one of the more basic slot machines to play. There are no extra games or bonuses just simple click and spin fun. As with most of the games featured here you can choose to max bet on each spin allowing you to bet on all the lines at once with a simple click of a button.

Safari Madness is another 9 reel casino slots game at Nordic Slots is where each reel represents a symbol. Wins are possible on any of the three horizontal lines, three vertical lines and/or both diagonals giving the player a large win chance on each spin. The game does not have any bonus features and relies on the outcome of each individual spin. Players may use the bet max button in order to play all the lines at the maximum allowed stake for quicker gameplay and maximum returns.

As the name suggests this casino slots game has a sports theme. The 9 reel game uses symbols of American footballs, baseball helmets and shiny trophies to please the eye of the sports fan. Crazy sports allows you to bet on all the horizontal and vertical lines as well as the two diagonal lines giving the player a wider variety of win chances. The game does not have any added features or bonus games so players match combinations to the pay table to receive their wins.

Beetle Frenzy is a fun casino slots game that has 9 reels and 2 added bonus games, Flower Frenzy and Bug Collector. There is also a bonus feature of Nordic Slots is called lucky spin where you get a free spin of the middle wheel. Spinning 3 flowers of the same colour or getting 3 jars in a row will start the bonus games where players can earn extra coins. This is a fun casino slots game and has some really nice features to keep players interested and coming back for more.

Gold Rush is a progressive jackpot casino slots game that is very simple to play. The game has a 3 reel set up and 1 single win line. Players spin to win from the pay table as usual but each spin pays a small percentage into the jackpot fund. All players playing the game around the world will be adding to this until someone spins and wins it all. Then it restarts and the jackpot builds up again. With no added bonus games this is one of the easiest casino slots games to play with a nice jackpot to. Enjoy playing at Nordic Slots!

Hence, is Nordic Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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