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Online Slots Tips

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Online slot machines make it possible for slot machine enthusiasts to access their game without any travel costs. Aside from that, online slots can now be accessed anytime, as all you will need is an Internet connection. Luckily, these slot machines can be reached by just a few mouse clicks. Should you be interested in trying out online slot machines, here are some online slot machine tips that you can use:

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Even though playing slot machines are basically dependent on luck, some slot tips can be useful enough to help you win some money on the games. Of the many slot tips that are available, slot players must be sure that the slot tips they are taking into consideration are the useful ones.

There is one untrue slot tip that many slot players still believe up to now that need to be stopped. There aren't any hot or cold slot machines. If ever you left a slot machine and the next person playing it gets the jackpot at once, you may think that if you have just stayed a little longer, the jackpot might be yours. There is no truth to this slot tip.

Payouts of slot machines are all based on a random number generator. Everything depends on the exact timing that you pull the lever, you can either win or loss. Because the results are given randomly, no one will ever know when will the jackpot be hit.

Since the mentioned slot tip above is already cleared out, we can deal now with slot tips that are truly useful to any slot player to make some decent money out of playing slot machines. One slot tip that can help you maximize your profits while playing slot machines is to avail and use the player's club card.

Following the slot tip of using your player's club card can help gather points to become eligible for free food, free drinks, and other special gifts. If you spend enough money, you may have a free room. Sometimes, there are casinos that offer promotions such as ticket or car giveaways. This slot tip all depends on how many points you have gathered on your player's club card.

Another good and useful slot tip is to play progressive slot machines only. This slot tip is useful if you bet the right amount to be eligible for the progressive payout. It is common for progressive slot machines to give lower payouts for smaller bets but if you make larger bets, you are definitely eligible for huge progressive jackpot. One slot tip that is related to this: avoid playing several lines at cheap slot machines. You will become exposed to the house advantage.

One last good slot tip to consider is the placement of slot machines. It is absolutely true that slot machine hits are done randomly, but casinos can set the machines to hit more often. This is for advertising purposes because slot machines that payout often will attract more people. This slot tip is all about searching for high paying slot machines that are highly visible, place in an elevated platform, close to the food area or bar, or near the cashier window. These machines are used by casinos to motivate people to play more. Using these kinds of slot machines could mean larger payout for you.

There are dozens of slot tips out there. Just make sure you follow the useful slot tips and discard the useless ones.

Online Slot Machine Tip No.1: Choose an online casino that is duly registered and recognized by the law. Online casinos are the ones that host online slot machines and other online casino games. They are also responsible for the customer's payout processes. Legitimate online casinos can be easily detected as long as you seek online forums or listen to trusted, first-hand reviews of friends.

Online Slot Machine Tip No.2: Now that you have selected the proper online casino, you are now in a position to select an online casino that suits your individual preferences. You can now choose the online casino that offers the most comfortable payout options and the most preferred graphical interface. This is also where you get to select based on the attractiveness of the online bonuses.

Online Slot Machine Tip No.3 Know at least a thing or two about the kind of machine you are about to play. Information about the slot machines is easy to remember and understand. For instance, Progressive Slots are a kind of slot machines that increases its jackpot amounts every time credits are inserted. Non-progressive slots, on the other hand, have fixed jackpot amounts but pay more often. Meanwhile, online slot machines work the same way as land-based slots - a computer or software detects the random combinations whenever you click the "Spin" button.

Online Slot Machine Tip No.4 Do not hesitate to take advantage of the customer support system. Online casinos, particularly those who are legitimate, have a respectable customer relationship system that makes sure their clients are comfortable and worry-free. Should you have any questions about payout processes, your own account or the bonuses, feel free to email whoever is in charge. Some online casinos even offer a toll-free hotline available to particular users from a specific region.

Online Slot Machine Tip No.5 Never lose your self control while playing the online slot machines. Because your credits or deposited account money is intangible, you might find yourself to get easily detached. Although this is probably the trickiest part, it is upon you to execute this kind of discipline satisfactorily.

Although there is no guaranteed way of winning at online slots, there are certainly ways for you to have a responsible and a more enjoyable online gaming session. Should you want that to happen, always follow these tips, but remember to have fun as well.

Common slot strategies

The purpose of this page is to provide some tips and strategies that apply to both online slot machines and to their land-based cousins. Some of the tips apply only to one or the other, and I've tried to make it clear which is which below. Playing online slot machine games has some strategies not found when choosing a land-based casino slot machine. One of the biggest advantages of playing online slot machines is that when you hit a hot streak...

You can adjust the credit values of your investment to extreme differences and never leave that hot slot machine. To increase your betting amounts to any large degree playing at a land-based casino slot machine you have to get up and move to the larger sized staked games. Slot machines both online and land-based are subject to streaks of wins and losses. To take advantage of the fact you can adjust your credit values to such extremes you need to learn to recognize these streaks and then make your adjustments accordingly. If you view the pictures of jackpot wins that are on this site you'll note most of them came at larger staked credit values. That doesn't mean I play at larger stakes on a regular basis. I have learned to recognize when I'm hitting and up my credit values when that happens.

This is a process that takes time and admittedly doesn't always work. But you will find over time that you get a feel for when winning streaks are taking place and will find you are adjusting your credit values accordingly more times than not. Some good general rules of thumb to get you started are to never play a machine that isn't paying off at least every once in while. To count how many times in between you hit a nice win ... to the next nice win. Then adjust your credit values when you think you're in the window of your next win. While on the subject of online slot machines and and streaks .. it is important to note that most slot machine games at the casinos we allow to advertise on this site .. have what is called "expert play" which is just another expression for automatic play. You can play these online slot machines in auto spin numbers of 5, 10 and a number you can preset into the slot machine game.

I like to use the 10 spin option and will often stop it if I don't get off to a good start. There's no reason you shouldn't start off with a win and then go from there even if that win is only to break even on the spin or win a small amount. The next choice is to start out a loser and hope to catch up. So it makes sense to start out on a winning note and go from there. Online slot machine games offer a great entertainment value and should be approached in that manner. Set a strict loss amount and stick to it just as you'd set a top amount you're wiling to spend when going to the movies or an entertainment park. Do this and you'll never find yourself having spent more than you had planned and you'll also have money to live to play another day.

But still the main tip that I can give you is that gambling is fun- and in the long run is still the house who is winning. But to make your chances of winning slots a bit higher, we have put together the main tips that a Slot Strategy Player should know.

Play slots that have the biggest jackpots and the biggest payout percentages. Online slots have higher payouts and bigger jackpots than live slots due to less overhead costs. So as a Professional Slot Player, keep an eye out for special situations like Super High Progressives or slots that haven't paid out in a long time and you could be the next one who hits the jackpot.

First always know what winning combinations of symbols you are aiming to get and adjust your playing strategy accordingly. Afterwards keep an eye out for the highest progressive slot games. Do some research and find which ones have paid out and when. Choose the ones that have not paid out for the longest period of time to maximize your chances of winning.

I always follow a simple slot players rule- "What is the minimal sum that gives you the edge in front of the house". If Slot A pays 100$ on 1 coin, 200$ on 2 coins and 500$ on 3 coins - then I think you understand that you have better chances to win playing 3 coins at one time, than playing 1 or 2 coins. On the other hand - if the jackpot will also come out with 1 coin, then there is no reason to play with 3 coins at a time.

Always leave a slot that just paid out a big jackpot, but remember or write down in your notebook the date, the slot paid out the jackpot. Normally slots turn around in 2-3 month cycles, so you know then when will be the next time, the slot pays out again.

Basically there are three budgets that I set every time I start to play.

First is my daily budget - that is the total amount of money that I can spend today on gambling. I budget mostly consists of my own money and some money that I won last time I was playing.

The next budget is the " must" budget - that is the budget that I know, I need to spend due to my progressive strategies, that need every day some investment.

The last budget is the "fun" budget - which I mostly use to try out new strategies and just have fun playing. Set yourself a budget and stick to it.

If you honestly want to get the full value and the most fun from your bets, then first get to know, what game are you playing. Start with looking at the pay table, see how on how many lines you can bet at... etc. Get most out of the game....

Play slots for the fun, not for the money.

Casino gambling has always been shrouded with a thick cloak of myths and legends, especially those that consider winning jackpots and beating the dealer. Slot machines are not the exception – there are countless books written on the secrets, strategies and how to win. And since online slots work mostly just like their land-based predecessors, most myths have made their way to online gaming communities. So let’s learn to tell the difference between a fib and a real trick on how to beat the slot machine.

First off, let’s start with stating that every spin on every machine is totally random, period. Every developer uses a random number generator and those are regularly tested by multiple organizations, both government-based and independent. There is no real way of knowing when a big win strikes – however, real win strategies that will help you walk away with a bit of extra cash, if not the jackpot, do exist. So let’s just lay the myth about a “hot seat” to bed – it doesn’t matter when the jackpot has hit last and it doesn’t matter if the machine has been played right before you. These factors don’t affect your odds at all.

Most slot machines tips start with “look up the payout percentage” – and there really is no better tip. If the winning percentage stated by the developer (and again, they cannot lie since this is determined by extensive testing) is less than 98%, don’t bother. Unless it’s a free machine and you really enjoy playing it, don’t waste your money on a low-paying slot.

Also, spend some time researching the bonuses. Most successful win strategies involve tailoring your betting to the bonuses and their rules, since most of the time the only way to beat the slot machine is to score a big win during the extra round.

While those two may be the most important, here are some other slot machine tips and tricks for your consideration:

So that’s pretty much it as far as helpful slot machines tips go. One final word of warning – don’t fall prey to the scammers that claim to sell “working systems” on how to beat slot machines. There’s no real pattern to how the games pay out and there can never be, since every spin is completely and absolutely random. So just think for yourself, do your reading and you will be able to win and have amazing fun in the process! See you on the casino floors!

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