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Penny Slots

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As slot game developers add more and more pay lines, progressive slot machines have become more and more expensive to pay. Even nickel slots and dime slots have become unaffordable as the number of paylines go higher. This has led developers to lower bet per pay line to the penny level in order to accommodate more players. And thus, penny slots were born.

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Penny slots have always been very popular. They are played commonly at land based casinos as well as online casinos. Penny slots are nowadays the most frequently played slots. Why is it so? Why did penny slots gain such popularity?

The main reason for that is that people always link a penny with something incredibly small and with almost no value. Players are not afraid of gambling with pennies. In the case of losing the bet the players still have some more money to continue the game. Punters are not afraid of risking a penny. Thanks to that they can play for a long time without any serious lost. This gives inexperienced punters an opportunity to play without a fear of losing their money. Of course, despite the low rate of the bets, you should always be careful and remember not to play irresponsibly. Even if there is only a penny as a wager, you may lose if you play for a long time. Do not forget that even if you play online, you can lose real money.

The major part of the casinos’ revenues are the money from slot machines. It may be a surprise for many people. It is even estimated that penny slots have a great part in all slots earnings. Slot machines are really enormously popular. Even blackjack, poker or craps are not so famous. Why is it so?

There is one, very important factor which influences the popularity of slots – it is played by only one player. You may play slots without wondering what other punters think about you. Many inexperienced players are ashamed of playing with other people. Slots give them an opportunity to play calmly and privately. online slots are even more popular than traditional ones. Playing via the Internet provides more privacy. You may play whenever you want to and for how long you want. No one is watching you, no one can bother you. What is more, you do not have to spend your money on some additional expenses like: travel, drinks, snacks, etc.

Playing slots, you are actually completely dependent on luck. Of course you may choose your wager, time of playing, but you have no influence on the result. When the wheels are spinning, everything depends on fate. Penny slots are especially advised, because of their simplicity and low risk.

Another factor which makes slots so popular is their diversity. In blackjack for instance, there are no options for you to choose. The dealer just deals the cards. When playing slot machines, you have an opportunity to choose whether you want to play traditional slots or progressive ones. You may also choose the denomination. Some slots require only a penny and some a few dollars. You may also change the denomination during the course of playing. Online slots have even more options available. Punters are able to chat and play with other players or to play on their own. Summing up, slots can be played by everyone. Every player will find a type of a slot which suits them best.

Playing On Penny Slots

Penny slots are the lowest denomination slot machines requiring only one cent per payline. At such low bet limit, penny slots make you play longer even when you come to the casino with a small bankroll. The denomination is even ideal for playing progressive slot games. Even a 100-payline slot machine, you'd only be spending $1 per spin. If you come to a casino with only $50 in your pocket, you'd have a good 50 spins out of it. And this works just fine because the longer you play at a progressive slot machine, the more chances you have of hitting the jackpot.

Compare this to high roller 100-payline dollar machine. One spin would already cost $100 if you bet on all the lines to be able to receive the jackpot if you hit it. The only time a machine would pay when you hit the jackpot is when you have placed the maximum number of coins required.

Penny slots may not be liked by high rollers, but people with small-sized to medium-sized bankrolls will find penny slots wonderful. For, with penny slots, a small bankroll can give you more number of spins.

Penny slots are also the best game for players who have made their very first trip to a casino. High roller slot machine games and strategy-oriented table card games might intimidate you. Surely, penny slots are the least intimidating of casino games. Who would be? You'd be risking only a few cents after all. Add to that, it's just you and the machine. No dealers to deal with, no other players to gamble against.

Penny slots may have a modest payouts compared to dollar and other high denomination machines. Still, who ever heard of getting hundreds and thousands of dollar return for one cent? That only happens in penny slots.

Penny slots are slot machines requiring the smallest bet amount per payline: one penny. They are definitely the lowest risk slot games. And at one cent per payline rate, even playing maximum at a multiple pay line machine is incredibly affordable.

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