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Shark Slots Bonus

shark slots sea creatures

Shark Slots Review

Shark Slots
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Enter the world under the sea and play The Shark. A fun and progressive online slot game, The Shark offers multiple ways for gamers to win, in addition to multiple ways for gamers to lose. Inviting sea creatures that look like cartoon characters and music that sounds like bubbling water and money clanking make The Shark a good way for players to receive a strong “bang for their buck.” We rate Shark Slots 8.5 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

The bubbling sea creatures make the game more appealing to the eye. The pink and rotund starfish with big blue eyes and gaping mouth carries the highest payout for players. The water waitress sea horse offers the next highest payout. The adorable smiling baseball clam with oversized shoes ranks third in payout odds after the starfish and sea horse. Dropping down in payout value but occurring more often in the win cycle is the gangly green octopus. Lastly, a rainbow striped martini drinking fish along with a clam with a pearl in it bring up the rears for the sea creatures. They offer the lowest payouts but show up as winners more often.

In order to win while playing The Shark, these colorful sea creatures, or various combinations of these sea creatures, must match up in a line. To make the game more interesting and increase betters winning chances, The Shark makes it possible to win matches on up to nine lines. In fact, the more lines a better bets on, the more chances the better has to win and win more money. However, increasing lines bet on also increases the dollar amount you must wager up front. As with all casino games, the odds favor the house.

To play, you must first select the dollar amount with which you want to play. The chips are on the lower right hand screen and are shown in amounts of 25 cents, $1, $5, $25, and $100. After you have decided how much money to start with and what you will bet with each spin, you must select how many lines on which you wish to place your bets. There are always five characters (combinations of sea creatures) in each line. The first three lines appear horizontally. Then, the fourth through ninth lines are diagonally, l-shaped, and more. While it can be slightly confusing to follow winnings due to the creatively carved out lines, the game box-highlights winning lines so the player knows how he or she won.

More than clicking on Spin and waiting for the sea creatures to match up, The Shark includes two bonus games that provide betters with opportunities to win additional credits. Sunken Treasure credits are granted to players when three treasure chests pop up on the screen among the sea creatures. The game will randomly (magically) select one of the treasure chests, open it, and reveal to you the amount of credits you just won.

The other bonus game proffers players with a way to earn and keep earning extravagant amount of credits. Whenever three sinister looking sharks appear on the screen, players are taken to a different screen where one card is dealt face-down and another card is dealt face-up. To win those free credits, you must select whether the face-down card is higher or lower than the card that is face-up. Aces act as high card and the dealer wins all ties. If you select correctly, another card is dealt. You keep playing and racking up those free credits until you chose incorrectly.

Finally, The Shark provides gamblers with the chance to win a progressive jackpot. In order to be eligible for this jackpot (total displayed below the reels), players must place a five-credit bet on all of the nine lines. The only way the jackpot is hit is if five starfish creatures appear in a row on one of the lines. A pleasant game to play, The Shark contains reasonable winning chances and more likely, losing chances. With entertaining characters and excellent bonus opportunities, The Shark serves as a light-hearted gambling game for all who partake to truly enjoy.

Hence, is Shark Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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