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Slot Strategy: Hot and Cold System

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Slot machines use computer technology known as the Random Number Generators to determine spin combinations. The RNG is totally random and no human can find a predictable pattern in it. Slots results are thus unpredictable.

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Yet that does not stop slots enthusiasts from experimenting with slots systems to increase a player's chances of winning. Here is a simple and typical slots strategy. It is a simple betting system based on the principle of "hot" and "cold." This slot strategy is for a 3 coin, 3 reel machine with 1 payline.

In slots terminology, a machine is said to be "hot" when it is paying out heavily and "cold" when it does not pay for long periods. A machine may be considered "cold" when it does not pay after 6 spins or more. If it pays every 2-3 spins or back to back, it is hot.

Now according to the Hot and Cold System, a slot machine stays hot for a number of spins and cold for a number of spins. What you must do is bet more when it is hot, and less when it is cold.

If you sense the slot machine is cold, you will bet the minimum of 1 coin. When it turns hot, you will bet more - preferably maximum - to make the most of your winning streak.

The problem with this system is that it assumes you will win in successive spins and lose the same way. In truth, as you will find, you can easily lose for several spins in a row; but you rarely win big back to back.

We recommend you modify this strategy as follows:

In the beginning, bet minimum. When you lose for several spins in a row, say 3-5 times, depending on how cold you think the machine is, you then increase your bet. Make it a 2 or 3 coin bet. You will do this when you feel the losing streak has lasted long enough and the machine is going to pay soon.

Bet max until a mid to high range win hits. When you make a big hit, bet minimum for the spin that immediately follows. Why? Because big spins rarely hit back to back. Of course, the danger here is you might hit the jackpot on a minimum bet. Well, you're still going to win something even if it's not the highest jackpot. Think of all the money you would have lost if you hadn't bet minimum during cold turns. You might not even have survived long enough to hit the jackpot!

After a couple of minimum bets, step up your bets again. This is if you feel the machine is hot. You have to bet max in anticipation of a big hit.

Further, using the Hot and Cold System slot strategy, if you play the same slot machine repeatedly for the same length of time, you may be able to time the occurrence of mid-range to high-range hits. If you feel a mid-range hit comes very 100 spins or so, you must adjust your bet in anticipation of it.

This isn't a fool-proof slot strategy. However with such selective max and min betting, you can preserve your bankroll and survive longer to see the jackpot.

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