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Some Famous Slots Players

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Slot machines are basically made for fun, because the chances of actually wining something are pretty small. Unless of course, you're playing loose slots or you have developed some techniques on how to play slot games, which makes you unbelievable then, the most that you could win is few hundred dollars, and that's after how many spins?

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However, there are just some people who you can consider as born lucky. Lady Luck could have been on their side when they took a seat in front of a slot machine. Otherwise, they could not have amassed hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars under their name. Here are some of the awesome winning stories of slot players:

Usually, when you want to hit it big time with slot machines, you go for progressive slots where the prize can go up for every second. However, in the case of Christopher T, it was completely opposite.

You could say that he was just after the fun of playing slot machines. Without realizing it, though, he has already grown his initial deposit of $300 for the game to as much as $70,000. That's by tinkering T-Rex, one of the regular slots games of Intertops Red Casino, an online gambling website. By the time he was done with his gaming session, he already had $200,000 into his account.

Seriously, how lucky can you get? Elmer Sherwin won his first million dollars from playing Megabucks found in Mirage in Las Vegas in 1989. It wasn't just a typical million. It was almost $5 million. The euphoria that he felt on wining and conquering an unpredictable machine such as the slot may have urged him to try his luck once more.

True enough, after years of trying, he won again in Las Vegas. This time, it was of much more value that his jackpot almost 10 years ago. It was worth more than $21 million. Both wins he acquired after betting a mere $3 on the Megabucks slot machine.

Everybody knows that slot machines are usually a no-brainer. There are no complex guides to follow, and the objective is simple: to come up with the same objects on a particular line. Despite its easiness, it seldom gives people a chance to win, except in the case of Frances Perkoski. Hailing from Pennsylvania, she came upon Taj Mahal and played Pamela Andrerson Wheel. In a stroke of luck, she ended the day with a whopping $374,094 on her name and it was her first time to actually play on this slot machine.

Living in Nevada gave Jo Ann Argyis, 58 years old and a single self-employed mother, an opportunity to frequent casinos that are found all over Las Vegas. In fact, this had become her pastime for almost 10 years. It seemed like her dedication paid off.big time.

First, she won her first million in Sunset Station Casino when she played the Millioniser Hyperlink slot game. Before the year was over, she had another $1 million in Railroad Pass Casino after playing the same game.

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