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Tips to cut your losses on slots

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‘The house always wins’ is a common saying about casinos. Though slot machines are played with small amounts of money, they are really profitable to the casino owners due to the addictive nature of the game. While playing on the slot machines, one doesn’t realize how much money he is losing as the player uses small amounts of currency to play the game. If few strategies are kept in mind while playing on the slot machines, the game may turn out to be quite profitable. Listed below are a few tips which may not guarantee your win but will definitely help cut down your losses!

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  1. Always keep a budget in mind before playing. This way, you know how much you are willing to lose before the start of the game.

  2. Know when to cut your losses. When you win a game, do not think that you might win more and continue playing beyond your budget. You might end up losing a lot more than you originally planned to!

  3. Look for a machine that gives a high payout. That way, for smaller amounts you get larger wins.

  4. Play on a machine that you are at least breaking even in. 

  5. Find a machine with less number of rolls and symbols. This increases your probability of winning.

  6. If you are playing for a small amount, play using a machine that has the least denomination as the base bet. Usually, you get machines that you can play with cents/ pennies as the base amount. These are better choices than those with dollars/ pounds when you are playing with a small budget, as you get many attempts to win.

  7. Don’t select favourites. When you win a big amount, cash it out and if you want to continue playing, play from a different machine. It is highly improbable to win big twice on the same machine.

Playing on slot machines is fun and is the least risky game to play in a casino if you know your budget.

Controlling your losses

Most slot players fail to recognize that the only way to win at slots is to lose a considerable amount of the time. Because of this, the proper strategy at slots should be to control and minimize one's losses, in order to maximize one's gains. Since slots is a game based on chance, this means that in order to have a sufficient chance of winning, then one should play numerous times. This means that as a consequence, one also lose numerous times, without even having a guarantee of a win. However, if one is able to control one's losses, then one would be sure to earn more.

The primary focus of controlling one's losses should be on controlling the amount that one is putting into slots, that is, on controlling one's bankroll. Given that a meager bankroll would be less likely to give you profit at slots, then one would be sure to lose a lot if one would be reckless. In order to control one's losses, one needs to have a proper accounting of the money that is invested at slots and the money that is earned through playing at slots. The easiest way to do this without keeping a notebook and pen ready is to separate your initial bankroll from any of your winnings. Dedicate an amount that will serve as your initial bankroll and stick to it. This will ensure that you will not lose everything, since you are keeping anything that you win at slots. Don't ignore your small winnings, as their sum might even amount to a profit. After you have emptied your initial bankroll, then it is time to weigh your losses.

If you have suffered a loss that is more than half your initial bankroll, then it is safer to call it a night, in order to retain even a part of your primary investment. If you have retained more than fifty percent of your initial bankroll, then you might consider re-betting a part of it, in hopes of retaining your primary investment or even profiting. The safest choice would be to re-bet at slots whatever exceeds half of your primary investment. If you have gained profit, then you might consider re-betting an amount equal to your initial bankroll. This will allow you to play more at slots, and therefore have a chance to win more. Do not re-bet any of your profit, as to ensure that you do bring home something, and avoid bankruptcy. If you hit a big pot, then consider retiring for the night.

While it may be tempting to play other slot machines or even other games at the casino, think about the money that you profited and would be losing. Remember, controlling your losses is the most valuable strategy one could adopt at slots. Since slots operate on winning by chance, then losing is an essential part of the game. Try to dedicate an amount as bankroll, and stick to it. Re-investing your winnings would differ across different situations. Learn to analyze and strategize according to what the situation demands. Doing so, you would be in control of your money, and hopefully profit from it.

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