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warlocks spell

Warlocks Spell Slots

Warlocks Spell Slots
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Eerie musical notes with mystical symbols and creatures combine to entertain slot fans in the mystical game, Warlocks Spell. With much going on and with minimal game instructions, gamers must be cautious as they play the online slot game, Warlocks Spell. While the game is fairly easy to play, knowing when you win or lose, or rather, why you win or lose, presents the biggest challenge. We rate Warlocks Spell Slots 8.0 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

A dark purple and black themed screen gives Warlocks Spell added character. While the orange and yellow symbols clash against their magical background, the glowing bubbles, flashing stars, and black cat make up for it. An eclectic mix, the symbols used in Warlocks Spell are the following: Black Cat; Medallion; Crystal Pot and Ball; the letters A and K together; A Q with an i through it with the letter J; and the numbers 10 and 9 together. The regally perched black cat offers the highest payout, while the numbers 10 and 9 together offer the least high payout. An additional perk to Warlocks Spell occurs when either a witch or a warlock appear on the spinning real. These two symbols act as wild cards in winning spins. However, the witch can only appear on lines 1, 2, and three, while the warlock can only appear on lines, 3, 4, and 5.

Displayed in a simple fashion, the Warlocks Spell online gaming screen is completely user-friendly. The upper left corner contains the player Balance box. Here, the total amount with which you have decided to gamble is outlined. Next to that, the Bet box, consists of the total amount with which you bet per spin. The minimum bet per spin is $.20, while the maximum bet per spin is $100. Adjacent to the Bet box, is the Win box. This box displays winning spin totals. In the upper right corner of the box are the player and cashier options.

One entertaining aspect of Warlocks Spell is that players can place wagers on p to 20 spinning lines. The amount of lines that you bet on each spin is listed directly below your Balance box. The bet per line amount is listed in the far right side of the screen, just under the player options. For example, if your total spin bet is $.20 and you bet on 20 lines, then your bet per line is $.01. The spinning reel is directly under the betting and monetary information. The outside edges of the spinning real contain the different line variations, while the inside of the reel contains the multiple symbols of the game. Directly under the spinning reel are the player game directives. These are: Help; Bet (click on up or down to change); Auto Play; Lines (click on up or down to chance); and, Spin.

To play Warlocks Spell, simply select your bet and line amounts. Then, click on spin. The online gaming screen will outline on which lines you won, if you won at all. Additionally, there is a bonus chance, called Potion Prize Feature. This bonus occurs when three or more spell books appear on the spinning reel. In this bonus opportunity, you must select a potion ingredient that will counter the Warlocks Spell. If you are right, the potion will turn green and you will win a prize. If you pick incorrectly, it takes away from the total prizes you can win. When you select correctly on your first through six tries, the prizes can range anywhere from 100 to 8 free games.

The last aspect of Warlocks Spell is that it offers a progressive jackpot, which currently rests at just over $1,300. Triggered randomly, the jackpot can appear at the end of any winning spin. While Warlocks Spell entertains gamers with its dark screen and darker music, the odds highly favor the house. It is rare for players to win any money while playing Warlocks Spell.

Hence, is Warlocks Spell Slots safe to play at?

For sure.
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