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You’re In The Money Slot Slot Review

You’re In The Money Slot Slot
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A classic 1930s looking and feeling slot to embody the classic 1930s board game it’s based upon, Monopoly: You’re In The Money Slot combines and old fashioned playing experience with modern sized potential payouts. Featuring a board bonus game that brings to life the old Monopoly board game and a Mystery Wild feature that turns up to all 5 reels Wild, this game goes beyond providing an authentic 20th century board gaming experience in an online slot; it promises 21st century sized payouts as well. We rate You’re In The Money Slot Slot 8.2 out of 10 in our review in 2018.

Of all the Monopoly themed video slots in the IGT WagerWorks library, this one looks and feels most like the 1930s era from when the original Monopoly board game was created. The game screen looks like an old-fashioned penny arcade game. The symbols evoke the old Monopoly game pieces and board spaces, including silver playing pieces (like the top hat, car and dog), green houses and red hotels, train station, Elecric Company and Waterworks symbols. But these aren’t modernized, animated or caricatured images like in other Monopoly slots; instead they are as simple and classy here as the era they are meant to evoke. The background is a wealth inspiring city of gold. The jazzy sounds in the background help amplify the 20s-30s retro ambiance.

When starting the game, players choose 1 of 8 movers to represent them in the game, just like the die-cast game pieces from the classic Monopoly game. Players set the coin value between $0.01 and $1 with 1 coin per line across up to 30 paylines. That makes for a maximum bet of $30 per spin. Besides spinning manually, players can use an Autoplay feature that allows them to kick back and watch the reels spin on their own for 10 to 50 spins.

In keeping with its name, the Monopoly You’re in the Money Slot offers an incredibly high bonus hit frequency, and numerous ways to win extra rolls (aka “free spins”). The highest jackpot from the basic game is 4,000x the line bet (or up to $4,000) while the second highest is 2,500 (or up to $2,500). In the bonus game, players can earn up to 12,000x their original line bet (or up to $12,000).

In addition to the basic Wild symbol that substitutes for any other non-special symbol in the game to complete winning combinations (as in most slots), this game also has a Mystery Wild feature. It occurs randomly after regular Wild symbols have been used to complete a winning combination and when it occurs, Mr. Monopoly appears in an animated fashion to turn one entire reel Wild. With this feature, a maximum of 5 whole reels can be turned Wild. Then you’ll really be In The Money.

The Board Bonus is perhaps the most distinctive offering of Monopoly You’re in the Money from other Monopoly slots. It is triggered when you get 3 Board Bonus Dice symbols in a single spin on reels 1, 3 and 5, respectively (as Scatter symbols they are not required to appear in a single payline). When the Board Bonus game is triggered, the player is taken to a second screen showing a full Monopoly playing board around which they’re given between 1 and 3 dice rolls to move, that number of rolls determine by picking one of the Dice symbols that triggered the Board Bonus to begin with. Every single space on the game board is a winner, either awarding a flat bonus amount or activating a second mini-game that further improves your rewards. Players can also win additional rolls, up to 50 rolls per round of the Board Bonus game.

In the Board Bonus game the Property, Utility, Chance/Community Chest, Jail Railroad, Free Parking, Go, Income Tax and Luxury Tax, and Just Visiting spaces all come with extra bonuses.

The Property spaces up on a mini-slot machine, also Monopoly themed of course, on which a player gets 1 spin to earn up to 5,000x your line bet. You can also earn free spins on this mini-slot while playing it to keep those bonus winnings increasing before you’re returned to the regular Board Bonus game.

The Utility spaces award you 1 roll of 2 dice to earn a bous of a varying amount, depending on the roll. Roll doubles and get a free additional roll. Roll double 6s and earn 1,000x your original line bet.

The Chance and Community Chest spaces earn you a random card that either moves you to a different space on the board or awards you a cash prize or free additional rolls on the Board Bonus game. And don’t worry if you get the Go to Jail card, because even that comes with its own rewards in this game.

The Jail Bonus is activated if a Chance or Community Card moves you to Jail or you land on the Go to Jail space. Then you get 3 tries to roll doubles and earn 300 times your original line bet. Fail and you still get to continue with your remaining rolls, with your piece starting on the Jail space.

The Railroad bonus is triggered when you land on one of the railroad spaces. This moves your piece to the next railroad station on the board (and therefore closer to passing Go) and gives you an additional roll of the dice. The Free Parking space gives you an extra dice roll as well.

Land on the Go space (or pass Go any way except by going to Jail) and get 200x your original line bet.

The only spaces where nothing occurs are the Income Tax, Just Visiting and Luxury Tax spaces which are all just there to complete the authenticity of the Board Bonus game’s Monopoly game board.

Lastly on the Board Bonus game, every time you roll doubles you get an extra roll of the dice. And when you roll doubles 3 times, you trigger the Jail Bonus that awards 300x your original line bet.

If Monopoly Here and Now is the modern player’s Monopoly slot, celebrating the 70th anniversary edition of the game, then Monopoly: You’re in the Money is the retro player’s Monopoly slot, hearkening back to the days that inspired the creation of the classic Hasbro board game in the first place. But far more than a snappy look and feel, Monopoly: You’re in the Money also stays true to its name, providing players 30 paylines, a rich and rewarding bonus game and a Mystery Wild feature turning up to all 5 reels Wild. The result is a richly rewarding online real money gaming experience.

Hence, is You’re In The Money Slot Slot safe to play at?

For sure.
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