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Payment Options at Online Casinos

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Deposits and payments at online casinos must usually be made via bank wire, online Credit Card, Credit Card over the phone, over the phone, Cashiers Check via Fed Ex or a similar service. Our Casino will credit your account for all transaction fees associated with the transfer or sending of $50 or more to open accounts or to add to existing accounts. For other methods of deposit please contact the customer service or accounting department of the casino in question.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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When gambling on the Internet at an online casino you still would have to pay to play; unless of course you play the online casino’s free games. This article discusses the different options one can pay the online casino when playing online. The following options listed to pay the online casinos in the Internet are all dependable, safe and secure. Netteller is an Internet casino payment option that is used by putting money in your account and transferring it to the online casino’s account. There are many ways to fund Netteller on the Internet. You can fund it by Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Instacash or ACH. This is a fast option because it lets you play in the Internet casino almost immediately. Citadel is another option to transfer money on the Internet in a safe way. Citadel is like a check.

Before playing for real, you need to deposit money in your account. You can do that online (by clicking the "EFS Banking" button on the "Games" page) or via the software and then, you will be asked to enter your username and password before you can enter your account. Don't ever share your password, it's for your own security. Once logged in your account, click on the "Deposit" link. In the following screen, you will have to choose among 3 deposit options: Choose the most appropriate payment method for you and click on "Choose Payment Type".

When you will have selected a credit card, you will be taken to a new screen where you will have to provide : You can't deposit more than $1000 per day in your account. If you want to deposit more money, just give us a call. There's no transaction fees for this service and your credit card billing zip code must match your account mailing zip code, otherwise your deposit will be declined. If you submit the same card more than 3 times, it will be automatically rejected. This charge will appear as EFS on your statement If you want to post a cheque, you will have to provide your name and bank number.

Your user name You should already know your username and password and for your account number, it will appear on the Cheque Transfer Screen as you can see in the image on top, in the larger circle, under the username "Bob". Please allow for 7 to 10 days, after we have received your cheque for processing time. You will be contacted via email once the funds have been deposited into your account. Mail your cheque to: V-Chips (Virtual Chips) are our equivalent of casino chips and are the units of trade used to gamble in most online casinos on the web actually. Buying V-Chips is quick and simple and, once again, can be done through this site or via the software. Enter your username and your password. Once logged in, click on

"V-Chip Transactions". Don't forget to keep your password secret! Next, click on "Buy V-Chips".

You will be taken to the

V-Chip purchase area. Now that you have V-Chips, you are ready to play. For information on how to sell your V-Chips and withdraw your money and winnings, visit the help files. To play our casino games online, you need to go to the "Games" section. Then you should see the 4 java games we offer (Blackjack , Slots machine , Video Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker) and you will be able to log on and start playing. If you want to play with the software, you will be ask for your username and password after selecting play for fun or play for real. The software is a bit different, you will need to different account for each playing mode. Your play for real account will work both online and in the software, but to play for fun in the software, you will need to create a second account. In the software, you can play with the 4 standard games by selecting "Play Game" at the bottom of the screen or view the other games available for installation by clicking on "Download Game". If you click on the game of your choice in the download menu, it will start the auto-installation program and you will be able to play this new game after the installation completed. For more information about each individual games, you can read the help files on this site or in the software

Payment options at online casinos

MasterCard offers payment options with credit, debit and prepaid cards. Class 1 Casino accepts all three options, from regular credit cards, to Maestro debit cards and even Vanilla prepaid cards. Due to MasterCard's regulations we are NOT permitted to return funds to your MasterCard Credit Card account. All credit and debit card transactions made with Class 1 Casino will appear on your statement as 'ZETSFUL* ONLINEBETTING'. You must register your credit/debit card prior to depositing. You will be prompted to enter your personal details for card registration, which will be safely stored on our secure servers.

Class 1 Casino accepts all forms of Diners cards. All Diners card transactions made with Class 1 Casino will appear on your statement as 'ZETSFUL* ONLINEBETTING'. You must register your credit/debit card prior to depositing. You will be prompted to enter your personal details for card registration, which will be safely stored on our secure servers.

SOLO is a debit card, available in the United Kingdom. It is a sister to the Maestro debit card an is available for anyone who can't get a regular credit card. All transactions made with Class 1 Casino will appear on your statement as 'ZETSFUL* ONLINEBETTING'. You must register your SOLO card prior to depositing. You will be prompted to enter your personal details for card registration, which will be safely stored on our secure servers.

MoneyBookers allows you to instantly and safely transfer money online. Once you open an account on Money Bookers, you identify it via your e-mail address and you never have to submit your private data again. In order to deposit, click on the 'deposit -> MoneyBookers' section of the cashier and follow the instructions. MoneyBookers supports a great number of deposit methods in most countries of the World, including quick local bank transfers.

NETELLER covers over 160 countries and operates in 34 languages, offering fast, safe and cost effective online transactions. After you open your account, you use it with the NETELLER account ID (12-digit number) and security ID. In order to deposit, click on the 'deposit -> NETELLER' section of the cashier and follow the instructions. You can fund your NETELLER account with many international deposit methods, including very popular UKASH. Check all the fees related with your NETELLER account here.

With paysafecard you can pay online super fast, without bank account or credit card. You can purchase paysafecard at almost any petrol station or even buy it via your mobile phone. Click here to find the nearest paysafecard selling point! Please keep in mind that you can't receive payments directly to paysafecard. Please keep in mind that you can't receive payments directly to paysafecard. As soon as you purchase your paysafecard, you are ready to go! You only need the paysafecard number and PIN to use this method.

Click2Pay is a modern online payment system that offers safe, easy and reliable online transactions worldwide. Access your account online from anywhere at any time, review transactions in real time and manage your personal account data. You use your Click2Pay account with your account ID (e-mail address) and PAN (Personal Account Number).Click on the 'Click2Pay' button in the deposit section of the cashier to make a deposit. You can upload funds to Click2Pay via your credit card or via a bank transfer, completely free of charge.

EntroPay is a prepaid Virtual VISA Card that works like an e-wallet. You create your EntroPay account on EntroPay, load it with your personal credit or debit card and use it anywhere VISA is accepted online. You can use your Entropay virtual VISA in the exactly same way as your ordinary VISA. You can also accept withdraws which will be transferred to your Entropay account. You can fund your Entropay virtual VISA via your credit/debit card or even via bank transfer.

Postepay is a prepaid card that works without a bank account. It is created for people who like to keep things simple and who want to make safe and secure online transactions. Postepay card works similarly to a VISA credit card. You use it via our credit card deposit option and you can also accept payments on your Postepay card. Withdraws can sometimes be limited to 3.000€, so check with your post before requesting the withdrawal. Click here to find more about creating a Postepay card. Click here to check the fees associated with Postepay card.

CartaSi offers a variety of prepaid cards. You can choose between VISA and MasterCard prepaid cards and even select an anonymous card for maximum data security online. CartaSi offers also a speedy telephone and SMS recharge of your card. You can use the CartaSi cards to deposit and accept payments, depending on which card you use. Check with your bank for the availability of the CartaSi prepaid cards.

POLi is a quick and efficient payment method available in Australia. You can pay directly from your bank account, no registration is needed. Your bank account number will remain confidential and you will get an official receipt after every purchase with POLi. All you have to do is visit their website and download and instal POLi. You will be able to deposit instantly. Please check their website for all the fees associated with this method.

Przelewy is a payment method for all the Polish players. Over 18 banks within Poland are offering this service to their clients. Przelewy is a quick and secure way of transfering money from your bank account to Class 1 Casino. Click here to read more about funding your Przelewy account. Please check their website for all the fees associated with this method.

To be able to have a Citadel account you would simply need to open a checking account in the United States. Also make sure that the check can be paid in U.S. dollars. FirePay acts like a credit or debit card. This is because the player will fund the account and then transfer the money to the casino on the Internet. Another Internet casino deposit option is Moneybookers. This is because you are able to send payments via your e-mail instantly. The only thing you need to make the payment at the casinos on the Internet is an e-mail account. Since Moneybookers functions in real time, you will no longer have to wait a long time just to play.

ECO cards are another option that seems like a credit card. This is because it allows players to buy casino credits on the Internet in different currencies. The ECO card also offers different ways to fund the player’s account. If you do not want to open an account or give your information for fear of identity theft; you can always use Wire Transfer to play casinos on the Internet. However, Wire Transfer is in US dollars only. You would only need to provide the casino account information and player code you have been given by the casinos on the Internet. Lots of people prefer this method because no one knows that the person is funding an account for an online casino. Another deposit option without giving information on the Internet or over the phone is the Bank Draft and Personal Check. This type of payment is mailed to the online casino’s home base. However, you can only play at the online casino when the casino receives the payment. You also can not withdraw your winnings from the casino until the check has been cleared. Now that you know how to fund your account, go and play!

Casinos on the internet almost always accept Visa/MasterCard for online transactions. The online cashier is available to all players. All transactions in the cashier are credited instantly.

Due to banking restrictions and a demand for more secure deposit methods, a group of alternative online deposit methods have recently emerged to meet the ever-growing need for online gamblers. These services give gamblers the freedom to deposit and withdraw using a variety of methods online without having to reveal their financial details. All methods are safe and instantly credited to your casino account. These are the most popular methods available:

Neteller is a renowned payment service that is very secure and convenient. Like online casinos that accept clickandbuy, This is often the primary choice for casino players to deposit and withdraw money.

Prepaid ATMs have been referred to as “the superior replacement for PayPal”. You can fund your Prepaid ATM account using a rich variety of methods. They will send you both a virtual card and a debit card. Once the casino sends a payout back to your Prepaid ATM card, you can cash it instantly at your nearest ATM machine.

You can fund your Casino account directly from your Bank Account using ACH. This is another a secure and convenient way to fund your casino account. When opening an account via wire transfer, the casino usually reimburses the incoming costs. Banks require that wire transfers to be completed in person. Wire transfers can take up to 48 hours to activate your account.

Last note: never send cash or checks directly to a casino. Always use an account or card so that you have an official statement that serves as a proof of payment.

See also our section on Click2Play online casinos.

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