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Player wins $70000 at Titan Casino in Online Roulette Rewards Program

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One of our staff members pointed out a forum post the other day detailing how a player at Casino Titan claimed to make well over $70,000 last year just off of bonus incentives and gifts under their Online Roulette rewards program. While we normally know better than to believe that such a claim could even remotely be possible, it prompted a few people on our staff to investigate the claim a little bit further. This article chronicles what we discovered and explains how the average player could replicate this achievement on their own at Casino Titan.

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The first thing our staff looked at was the Casino Titan website and more specifically their loyalty rewards program for roulette players. Well it turns out that there was not any such thing as a roulette rewards system on their website, but it turns out that they do have a very good VIP program in place for all of their gamblers.

In a nutshell, Casino Titan has a multi-tiered system in place that grants VIP players exclusive comps, perks, and gifts based on how much they gamble at the website. The lower end stuff included some decent deposit bonuses and some electronic gifts, but it is not until later in the loyalty program that their customers begin to receive monthly cash-back rewards.

After reviewing the cash rewards program at Casino Titan in depth, it is safe to say that very few members make it to the loyalty level that gives serious cash bonuses each month. If the player on the forum post was telling the truth, he would have needed to place tens of thousands of bets at Casino Titan just to be anywhere near where he claimed to be in free money. That does not mean that it would be impossible by any means, but it certainly seemed far-fetched.

At first, the sheer number of bets required to bring in $8,000+ in free money per month appeared almost impossible to our staff, but one we started crunching the numbers it seemed a lot more reasonable to accomplish over a period of several months. Loyalty points at Casino Titan are based on how much money is wagered per hand, and the thing about earning roulette bonuses is that it is common to place 3-6 bets every time the wheel is spun. Considering that it is possible to play about 40 roulette spins per hour with an average of five bets on each spin, those ten thousand wagers could be completed in about 50 total hours…nowhere near as bad as we expected.

In order to prove or disprove the claim that it is possible to profit up to $70,000 per year at Casino Titan without actually placing daily wagers, we decided to assign four staff members to a single account and have them bet around the clock for three days. Each of them worked eight hour shifts where they bet $150 bets on black, odd, 19-36, the 3rd 12, and the actual number 29. While there are more sound betting strategies out there, our main goal was to climb the loyalty rewards ladder as quickly as possible with as little risk as possible.

After the first twelve hours of betting at Casino Titan in this fashion, our team was up $3,700 and things were progressing beautifully. We had already cleared our entire deposit bonus as well, so in essence we were very close to $4,000 in total profit. The wheel hit an even/red streak though and our profits almost completely disappeared in less than two hours; that’s when we decided to rethink our betting strategy a little bit.

For the remainder of the three day period, we wagered $50 on red, black, even, odd, and 19-36…so our only full loss came when the board showed a green zero. We essentially risked $250 per round so that we could either win or lose $50…and it seemed like we were mainly breaking even from one hour to the next.

By the time our three day experiment was over, our staff was up a total of around $200 and we had achieved the second highest tier in Casino Titan’s VIP loyalty rewards program. Now remember, we intentionally changed our betting strategy to minimize our losses as much as possible and hoped to make it on our bonus money alone, which we pretty much did. Overall we really lost around $2,000 (including the bonus money that we could have cashed out) but we deposited $5,000 and walked away with $5,250…so it was definitely a free experiment that bought the entire office lunch when it was finally over.

At the 2nd highest customer loyalty tier at Casino Titan, we were eligible for up to $2,500 cash back per month and there were absolutely no restrictions on how we used that money. We also received several VIP tournament invites, enough points to make several electronic purchases in the Casino Titan retail store, plus a host of other freebies as well.

So getting back to the original forum post…we believe that it was 100% legitimate. Most of the players out there wouldn’t be able to bet around the clock like we did but it is definitely an easy goal if you give yourself a few months to complete it. Our Casino Titan account will now receive $1,500- $2,500 per month in free cash as long as we stay active on the website; we’d say that is more than a fair deal.

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