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Playing and owning slots is absolutely forbidden in Nevada

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Nebraska is one of the leading ranching and farming states in the country. In fact, it's one of the reasons why it has earned the moniker Cornhusker State. It is also the birthplace of Kool-Aid, and has the biggest train yard in the United States. Nebraska may be known by a lot of things, except a gambling hub.

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You cannot own any slots machine in Nebraska. There are no ifs or buts in this rule. Unlike other states where it's okay for you to own one as long as it's considered antique or collectible, in Nebraska, no household should ever own a slots machine, no matter its age. This is pretty stringent, but hey, it's how their state feels about slots playing.

There shall be no casinos in Nebraska. There are no casinos that should operate in Nebraska, except for those tribal gaming halls. Moreover, these establishments should follow the standards of Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. No gaming center should be able to use any gambling devices. Simply put, even in these tribal halls, there are no slots machines that are available.

Lottery is legal in Nebraska. Residents of Nebraska need some form of entertainment, you know. So lottery has become a good way of satisfying the cravings of people of Nebraska to bet. It is no-brainer that the lottery was legalized because the government can actually profit from it. Lotteries are a good way to ease the economic funds of a state. There are also other forms of games that are okay. These include bingos, raffles, and bazaars. These are supervised by the Charitable Gaming Division. By its name alone, you know that these gambling-related activities should be done in the name of a charitable institution.

It is legal to organize prize contests in Nebraska. You can set up competitions with corresponding prizes, provided that you are not to make any bet on anyone or anything. Otherwise, it constitutes a form of gambling.

You should not have any gambling records in Nebraska. If gambling devices are not allowed, so are gambling records. These are documents that prove that there were bets made, and that the winner may have got the prize based on chance, not on skill.

There should be no social gambling in Nebraska. Social gambling usually has a host or a dealer in the game. However, he or she may not earn anything from what he or she is doing. The only person who can get the prize is the winner. These types of activities--unless it's considered as bingo, raffle, or bazaar, and approved by the gaming commission--are completely prohibited.

There is no expressed Internet prohibition in Nebraska. This means that the state doesn't have any law that prohibits the people of Nebraska to bet and earning through Internet gambling. However, this doesn't really mean that it's completely legal to do so. If you want to be sure, make sure that you ask your local government about it.

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