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Promoting and Marketing for Casinos

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When many people talk about gambling, they mean promotion. Marketing is much more than promotion, although promotion is an important part of it.

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The key to effective promotion is synergy. Casinos should try to use all the promotional elements when developing a promotional campaign. A casino may develop a sales promotion, such as giving cars as a prize for slot players.

The promotion should be advertised to the key target markets, and promotional material developed to announce the promotion, followed by press releases when the cars are given away.

Advertising should support the image of the casino and communicate a clear message to the target market. The best advertisements have one main item they are trying to sell; they do not try to sell all of the casino's products.

An advertisement promoting the Sports Book, placed in the sports section of the paper, can be effective. But an advertisement promoting the casino's Sunday brunch, slot club, and Sports Book place din the entertainment section will probably create sports Book business.

The message of the advertisement should communicate some benefit to the target audience--- it should give a reason for purchasing the product.

Moreover, the selection of media should match the target audience; many well-designed and advertisements become ineffective when they are placed in media their intended audience does not see, hear, or read.

On the other hand, publicity has more impact than an advertisement.

Because of the intangibility of a casino's product, people seek personal sources of information. Thus, a person going to Atlantic City for the first time will seek advice on where to go and stay from friends who have already been there.

Publicity is considered to be a personal source of information and so is more credible than advertising.

Another one to consider is direct marketing.

The purpose of direct marketing is to provide interactive communication with the casino's best customers. The best objective of this communication is to maintain customers over the long term.

Large casinos have hundreds of thousands of customers in their club's database. This information tells which of these are the best players and what benefits the casino can provide for them.

For example, do they like to golf? If they do and are top players, the casino can invite them to a golf tournament. Ideally, the database will allow the casino to get away from mass marketing and target customers who will be receptive to specific marketing offers.

Sending a promotion to all 300,000 of the club's members is mass marketing, and should only be used for newsletters and general promotions.

Other offers should be more specific. For example, if the showroom will have empty seats in the coming weeks, local club members can be offered a reduced price on the show.

This fills the showroom, gets people into the casino, and provides the members with a benefit.

Likewise, members who are known to travel to the casino on weekends can be offered a room special during periods of low occupancy. This provides them with benefit and allows the casino to sell these rooms without advertising low rates to the public.

Direct marketing should be a part of every casino's marketing plan.

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