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Recommended Readings regarding Video Slots

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Video Poker has come a long way since it was lumped with slots as a mindless diversion for the wives, companions, trophy-dates of serious gamblers. Of course, the definition of a serious gambler was a person who played table games, preferably for large stakes. But all that has changed thanks largely to a small coterie of gaming authors who first brought to the public's attention the fact that certain varieties of video poker could be beaten. If you are serious about becoming a great video-poker player, you owe it to yourself to make the acquaintance of the following authors. Each has his own style of writing, approach to the game, and philosophy of gaming. What they have in common is a serious approach to the subject of video poker. The strategies of these authors for like machines will vary little if at all. That is as it should be. A computer generates the results after all and there aren't many diverse ways of interpreting these results. Essentially and strategically, you will not learn anything "new" from reading the works of the writers listed here but don't let that stop you. There is such a thing as wisdom in gambling and the accumulated knowledge of the following gaming authors will put you on the path to video-poker wisdom.

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Lenny Frome: The dean of American video poker writers and a cottage industry Lenny Frome was the first author to recognize that video poker could be beaten. I highly recommend his Video Poker: America's National Game of Chance and his Winning Strategies for Video Poker. But all his stuff is excellent. When new machines come on the scene Mr. Frome is usually the first to do a detailed analysis and narrative of them – much to the casinos' collective chagrin. Mr. Frome writes for many gambling publications and he'll be happy to send you information on his offerings. Write him C/O Compu-Flyers (425); 5025 S. Eastern Ave. (16) Las Vegas, NV 89119

Bradley Davis: Davis is an interesting and compelling author because he is a Joker Poker fanatic. This he couples with a religious sensibility that makes for a good read. His Mastering Joker Wild Video Poker is an exhausting and fascinating study of all aspects of this one particular variation of video poker. If your game is Joker Poker, you should definitely read Mr. Davis. Write him C/O Applied Technology Press, PO Box 460565, Aurora, CO 80046-0565.

Dan Paymar: Another ground-breaking video-poker author whose newsletter The Video Poker Times is a must read for the serious player. A good writer with an encompassing and pleasing style, Paymar does detailed analyses of every type of game. His booklet, Video Poker: Precision Play, is another must read. Make sure when you order it you ask for the latest updated issue since Mr. Paymar constantly adds and subtracts from the booklet as events warrant. Write him C/O Enhanceware, 2413 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 121, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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