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Responsible Online Gambling

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We at are committed to high ethical standards reflected in our pro-active policy of social responsibility. The policy of Responsible Gambling is effective for all online gambling services we promote. We recognize that the greatest part of players involved in the recreation activities offered by gamble in a responsible and rational manner. However, there is a vulnerable minority that should be taken care of. For that reason, promoting responsible gambling is one of our main goals.

Being responsible about gambling means knowing whether to play, how to play, and how much money and time to spend in casinos. A compulsive gambler is a person whose gambling behavior can be classified as addiction and whose gambling has caused growing and continuing problems in his or her life.

People who gamble responsively decide in advance how much money they spend, how often they gamble and most importantly, when to stop. Gambling responsibly is enjoyable and does no harm to players. If you are concerned about your gambling behavior, take the famous Addition Quiz to detect if you really have a problem. The Quiz was created by GamCare – one of the world leading organizations on providing support, information and advice to anyone suffering from problem gambling.

Determining whether you have a gambling addiction

This word may sound like some disease and is often referred to as problem gambling. This is a problem where a person has the urge to gamble and cannot restrict it. This term is also known as compulsive gambling in a doctor’s dictionary it is known as ludomania. The wogrd suggests ludo and mania, a person who is maniac or crazy about ludo or gambling. Problem gambling refers to harm whether emotionally, mentally or monetarily. Gambling becomes more like an addiction and a person cannot think on his own. He just wants to gamble and without it he or she feels incomplete. Often when a person becomes obsessive with it and loves the game he cannot resist it. Often with many people the amount of money they win becomes a motivating factor for them to earn more and more. And often it happens that they win too much after which it becomes impossible to stop that urge. Family support becomes at this point and generally people think sending a person to a rehab can solve the problem but the problem is very deep. Rather than sending the person to a rehab the person can be asked to stop or avoid gambling and spend more time outdoors or with family. A family holiday can be a great idea too. The problem is not with gambling. We can obviously play it but in moderation as a pastime. The American Psychological Association does not regard this problem as a disorder but a kind of obsessive ness that a person develops. It is not a disease which has no cure but it is an urge that needs to be controlled. Once under control we ca easily overcome this situation and help anyone suffering from this disorder. So gamble well and safe and stop it before it becomes obsessive.

Gambling is a vicious cycle. One only has to experience it once to attest how addicting it could possibly be. Unfortunately, as vicious and threatening gambling is, one can hardly realize that they have already fallen prey under the trickster ways in which gambling gets into a person's system.

However, there are lots of ways we can use to check if gambling is becoming an addiction. Here's a four-point countdown we would now call the gambling symptoms:

  1. Losing precious work or school time for gambling means addiction. All of us have a lot of individual responsibilities to attend to and at times, twenty four hours a day seems to be insufficient for us to accomplish all the tasks we need to get done. If a person already becomes too engrossed with gambling that time allotment and daily schedules are already being interrupted, gambling has clearly become an addiction.

  2. Getting buried beneath debts just to be able to gamble means addiction. Although many of us might not have too much money to spare for everything we essentially need, debts also has its own limits. There's nothing wrong with borrowing money from other people, so long as we keep in mind that we have a responsibility to pay it back at the promised time. But if one notices that promises too often get neglected and unpaid debts keep on piling up just to be able to indulge into gambling, something is terribly wrong already.

  3. Gambling losses do not end the game but rather motivate gambling again - another sign of addiction. Remember how we often find seeing game over signs plastered on screen as an obvious mean of saying the game has officially stopped? This definitely goes the same with gambling. We can only play so much at certain amounts of time. Actually, this is what causes gambling to become a vicious cycle - the desperation to win what have just been lost and the false hope it feeds from.

  4. Gambling until the last coin or the last bill means addiction. When other important necessities or expenses are being forgotten, gambling is definitely turning into an addiction. When one does not care about becoming bankrupt just so they can continue on playing the game, that is fatal addiction. Before they know, they might not find even a single penny left in their pockets - literally.

Gambling turns into a silent addiction. Oftentimes, it is other people who point it out to us that we are becoming addicted to it. But now that these symptoms have been laid out and presented, we can only hope that people would become more self-aware rather than bettings-aware when gambling.

If you consider yourself to be a problem gambler, you should use a site-blocker to prevent yourself from visiting casinos by blocking access to these websites. In order to receive psychological help, professional advice and assistance for curing from gambling addiction, contact a local organization that can help you. An organization that helps gambling addicts is GamCare. If you need a free, confidential, and independent advice on how to deal with your gambling debt, these organizations can also assist you with that.

As if gambling isn't thrilling enough, online gambling more than doubles the excitement of playing games of chance with a high-tech twist. But before one takes the full headlong plunge, there are a few important matters that should be taken into consideration in order to make sure that one's initial internet gaming experience runs smoothly and with as little difficulty as possible.

For starters, one has to be absolutely sure about the online casino that they choose to gamble in. This entails finding out as much as one can with regards to the casino site in question. Over the Internet, online casino review sites and message boards are good sources to refer to for information pertaining to a gambling site's reliability. An online casino that is backed by a well-known and highly reputable software provider has a good chance of being legitimate. To be sure, though, one should take close note of certain details such as authorization and payment practices in order to make sure that the site's business transactions are upright.

As of the moment, laws that pertain to online gambling are somewhat sketchy, and casual online players tend to get befuddled over the actual legality of gambling on the internet as it applies to a particular place. While individual gamblers are not at risk from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, there are still some states in the U.S. where gambling is prohibited. Hence, it is important that one is aware of the local regulations concerning online gambling in their area so as not to get into trouble and in order to have an idea of exactly what the law dictates is admissible on the subject.

Players should not be so easily enticed by the magnanimous bonuses that are offered by casinos as presented in our reviews of casinos online tender in a bid to draw in more customers. One should always take into consideration if they can carry the cost of the betting requirement that comes with the bonus. It is perhaps much more advantageous to go for a casino site with modest monthly bonuses and make the most out of those.

Lastly, players should familiarize themselves with the various gambling games as they are played online. It is not enough to be an expert in a particular game, as some of the familiar casino standards would go through certain changes in making the transition to the Internet. Rules and regulations would be subject to change from one online casino to the next. So it is essential to be updated so as to avoid confusion while playing.

Once certain significant concerns have been addressed, newcomers should be able to thoroughly enjoy their first taste of online gambling without having to worry about any untoward incidents. With all other obstacles out of the way, all one has to do is sit back and relish the fun of playing and the anticipation of the lucrative rewards to come.

Paying attention to the Terms of Use of casinos on the internet

All casinos on the internet have Terms of Use or Terms & Conditions for players to accept in order to play. Even the most trusted online casino will include important information in these sections, so it is important that new players make the effort to read them.

What are some points of interest to be found in Terms of Use?

There are three major points of interest in Terms of Use that players should pay particular attention to. These are excluded jurisdictions, bonus rules, and payout protocols. Each of these areas can have a big impact on a player’s dealings with the casino, so Terms of Use sections involving these things should be carefully read over.

Due to various legal issues with gambling in some countries, most casinos online will have restrictions on players from particular jurisdictions. This means they cannot accept players from those jurisdictions, simply because of gambling restrictions in that country.

Do not try to play at a casino that is not meant to accept players from your country of residence. You will simply be asking for trouble if you do. The way that gambling is restricted in places like the USA, for instance, is to criminalize financial transactions to do with gambling. If you are accidentally accepted at a casino that does not allow US residents to play, getting your money back could be a very difficult proposition, with possible legal barriers.

The solution is to read the Terms of Use for the most trusted casinos online first, to ensure that you are allowed to play there. Casinos do what they can to avoid accepting players that they cannot allow, but complex financial arrangements or lies on the part of the customer might overcome such precautions. uses an innovative approach in doing so, including complex staff training programs, education on self-exclusion functionality features, publishing procedures on recognizing problem gamblers, and customers education and awareness. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited by law and we advice casinos to use the latest age detection methods to protect minors from gambling.

Getting Help

We encourage responsible gambling practices to eliminate all possible dangers of gambling online and we aim to prevent underage gambling at casinos on the internet. has taken rigorous measures to meet promote responsible gambling. We place the customer at the center of all our business activities; thus, we have created a caring, responsible gambling environment ensuring supreme protection of the vulnerable groups of gamblers.

We have elaborated our code of conduct for responsible gambling that addresses issues related to problem gambling and underage gambling as set out in the National Council on Problem Gambling FAQ, responsible marketing and advertising. Admission becomes powerful when done in front of the family or friends since their cooperation would be key to a person’s recovery. The next step is to get in touch with professional groups that offer programs for problem gamblers. The National Council on Problem Gambling has collected a directory of counselors and treatment groups across the country. One can reach the council through their hotline 1 800 522 4700 or through the website

Another place is Gamblers Anonymous. The organization is patterned after the popular support group for alcoholics. The focus of their recovery program is mutual support from fellow problem gamblers and the implementation of 12 steps leading to complete freedom from the addiction. Highlights of the program include making an inventory of finances and helping people make amends for their shortcoming.

Finally, there are also residential treatment centers across the country. These centers admit self-confessed gamblers or even those who are still in self-denial. The rehabilitation process involves voluntary isolation from forms of gambling and individual and group counseling sessions that would last for a few days or even weeks.


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