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Running Your Own Online Casino and Betting Website

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How much will it cost me to host my own casino? And how can I do it? Much less than you think - and far less than ANY of your competitors probably. Contact Microgaming or Realtime Gaming today and they will be glad to discuss pricing and the many flexible ways they can accept payment.

Bonus Ikibu Casino
Play at Ikibu Casino

How long will it take to design and produce my casino? Generally, they can have you up and running within around 4 weeks. Please bear in mind that they are producing a brand new and unique website and software design - to your specifications and theme - and they want to provide the highest possible quality for you. Most of their so-called "competitors" will either require you to produce all the designs, charge you more, or even have hardly any branding at all. Sometimes, even all three! Their designers are professional and take pride in their work. They will only be happy with it when you are.

Can I upgrade from one package to the next? Absolutely, simply pay the difference between the prices of the products and they can get it underway for you. If you want to start with their Starter option and move up to the Ultimate option as your casino grows, you can!

How much can I earn? You will be paid 55% commission on all net revenue taken by your Starter Package, 65% commission for their Professional package, or 75% commission for their Ultimate package. For example, if you are on a Starter package option at 55%, and a player in your casino loses $500, you'll receive $275 in commission. This continues for the lifetime of every player.

Is there a financial risk to me? Once you've paid your fee for your particular casino option, you won't have to pay out a single cent more to them. They charge NO hosting fees, NO monthly or annual fees, or any other fees whatsoever! All your winning players are paid by us, along with any affiliates you may have!

They expect that you will make money from the venture but just like in regular gambling games, sometimes players win (sad but true!). Note, you will never owe them anything, we'll never ask you for cash for payment deficits.

What if my players win too much? You will never have to pay out any cash. Of course, there is every possibility that sometimes your players could win more than they lose, but it's risk-free for you!

What deals can I offer my players? For their Starter package, they are responsible for running all promotions and will inform you when they are to change. However, if there is a particular promotion you would like to run, please feel free to suggest it. They are fully committed to helping you make money from your casino!

Their Professional and Ultimate package customers have a greater flexibility when choosing new bonuses, and they do their utmost to assist at all times.

How much do I get for new players? You will earn 55% of the net revenue of each player that you send them if you are running Their Starter package, 65% if running a Professional package or 75% if running an Ultimate package. For example, a player that gambles at your casino spends $500. You receive up to $375 of that sum. This continues for the lifetime of every player.

What will I know about the players that I send to you? For their Starter package, you will receive transactional stats information to assist with your promotions. For their Professional and Ultimate package owners, you will be provided with an even greater degree of statistical information.

How will I keep track of the amount of revenue that my own gaming site is generating? Once your casino is up and running, you will be provided with log-in information to enable you to view statistics. Stats are updated daily and you can view stats for an entire day, month or year.

What is an initial deposit bonus? An initial deposit bonus is given to players upon their first deposit. At your casino, the player deposits funds, and is given a percentage on top of that to gamble with.

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