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pai gow poker

Seminal Casino References and Publications

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In this article we present some useful casino references and seminal publications on gambling. You can use these to learn more about gambling, casinos and the gambling industry.

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Below are some useful casino references

OPTIMAL STRATEGY FOR PAI GOW - S. Wong: Topics include getting an edge, optimal strategy, approximate strategy and miscellaneous details. 760 Pages, pb. (60489) $16.95

PAI GOW: CHINESE DOMINOES - Michael Musante: History and symbolism, ranking theory, rules of play and banking. 79 Pages, paperbound. (60198) $10.25

HOW TO PLAY PAI GOW POKER - George Allen: Dr. Allen's computer analysis of Pai Gow Poker with easy to learn, how to play rules. 30 Pages, paperbound. (70247) $7.95

PAI GOW POKER: UNDERSTANDING PROCEDURES AND STRATEGIES - Bill Zender: Written for people who are interested in knowing the correct procedures, existing strategies, rules for proper play. 83 Pages, paperbound. (60370) $22.95

EUROPEAN AND ASIAN GAMES - Syd Helprin: This complete guide to international casino gaming tells you everything you'll need to know about playing new games and foreign versions of your favorite games. 229 Pages, paperbound. (60382) $9.25

BILLY WOO'S PAI GOW POKER - Bill Walsh: From the man who brought Pai Gow Poker to the casinos of Nevada. The rules and laws of the game. 44 Pages, Pb. (70265) $10.25

A GUIDE TO WIN PAI GOW POKER - Fred Parks: Basic book on Pai Gow Poker enabling the reader to gain confidence and be recognized as a skilled player. 48 Pages, pb. (80172)$6.95

THE SYSTEM FOR MASTERING PAI GOW - George Allen: An extensive computer analysis of all unique combinations a Pai Gow player or banker might be dealt. 150 Pages, pb. (80199) $87.95

GAMBLING THEORY AND OTHER TOPICS - Mason Malmuth: Gives advice on tournament play, fluctuations, bankroll requirements, and new games of Pai Gow Poker and super pan nine. 273 Pages, pb. (70023) $28.50

SO YOU WANNA BE A GAMBLER - PAI GOW POKER - John Patrick: Learn how to win at Pai Gow. 1 Hr. (90063) $45.95

BAR ROOM BETS: This book pays for itself! Impossible feats are made possible and once you know the secret. CASH IN ON IT!! As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." $24.95

CARD COUNTING COURSE - Professor Mike: This same course is now being taught by professional gamblers for $350.00. Spiral Bound $19.95

CASINO CUSTOMER SERVICE - William N. Thompson and Michele Comaeu Ma: The win win game. Practical approach to develop a good customer service program. 337 Pages, hardbound. (60568) $ 27.95

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GAMBLING - Carl Sifakis: Trace history and play of gambling games throughout the world, fundamentals of strategy, behavior patterns of different players. 340 Pages, Pb. (60175) $22.95

GAMBLING AND GAMBLING DEVICES - John Phillip Quinn: Exposing in practical form the gimmicks, devices used in gambling intended to educate legislators to make an intelligent law reforms. 308 Pages, Pb.(60223) $10.25

CASINO MARKETING: A PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - Nick Gullo and Dave Verbon: Learn about casino marketing and how you can attract qualified customers to your property at a cost that allows you to make a profit from there activities. 322 Pages,Pb. (80122) $55.95

CASINO ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - E. Malcolm Greenless: Background and environment of casino gaming, casino operations, auditing, taxation and financial management issues. 372 Pages, hardbound. (70253) $54.95

INTERNATIONAL CASINO LAW - Cabot/Thompson/Tottenham: Written by authors with expertise in the gaming laws of that locality. Contains chapters on 75 different jurisdictions from across the world. 565 Pages, HB. (80113) $125.00

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