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Slot Myths: Is There Some Truth in Them?

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There are many slot myths that circulate constantly among slot players that even the rational players of slot machines even believe a few of them. Almost all slot addicts swear that they can predict whether a slot machine is due to pay out or not.

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There are slot myths that deals about which are the best days to play for the week. Other slot myths are about the best time of the day to play slots. There are even slot myths that deals with the premium slot machines' room location. Slot myths are definitely fun to hear anytime but the question is, do all slot myths have any glimpse of some truth?

Here is a few of the slot myths that you will commonly hear.

  1. The slot myth that if a slot machine has not paid a jackpot for a long time, it is now due to give its payout. The truth is slot machines always use random number generator (RNG). You do not have to survey a casino and wait for people to walk from a slot machine that didn't pay out for a long time. This slot myth is very old one but continues to be untrue throughout the years. Slot machines have no due seasons. There are instances that a person won the jackpot and then the next person in line also won the next jackpot. And there are also times that a slot machine can go for a long time without paying out. Winning in slot machines is definitely randomized.

  2. There is a slot myth that casinos always place their best slot machines in specific locations within the casino premise. Examples of these locations are the end of the row, close to the entrances, or near the exits. The truth is winning at slot machines are in a random order therefore it is not true that there are so-called winning machines. If ever there might be, it is not a policy of any casino to place such machines in specific locations. Another slot myth that is related to this one is that hot machines are always on the hot locations.

  3. The slot myth about hot machines, meaning, slot machines that have warm temperature. This slot myth states that you need to search for the hot machine and once you find it, warm coins should be used to play. The truth is that random number generators control slot machines so there is no way that hot and cold temperature can affect the result of each spin.

There is no doubt that playing slots is fun. But, old and new slot players should always remember that slot myths are just myths. And since they are myths, they are not true. The basic truth of it all is that slot machines are dependent on random number generators and not on slot myths.

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