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Slot Probabilities And Strategy

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Anyone who wins in a slot machine is said to be lucky, and it's true that you do need luck to hit the right combo. However, using strategies and learning about probabilities won't hurt, and can help you.

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When it comes to slot strategy though, it should be stressed that there is no such thing as a fool proof, or "guaranteed" system. There just isn't anything like that, so ignore anyone or any book that claims otherwise. However, with the following tips and guidelines can help.

The first has to do with calculating slot probabilities. During the old days, the limited reels made it possible to calculate the exact odds of winning, but today, with random number generators, this is no longer possible. What you should do instead is focus on the payout percentage. For example, if a slot offers a payout of 85%, the machine, eventually will return 80 cents for a dollar.

Most casinos, both live and online, offer higher payout percentages; never settle for anything less than 95%. If you are online you can ask in forums to determine which ones offer the best payout rate. In live casinos, you should try out those near the entrance and exit points. These have been placed to attract newcomers. As you play regularly, you'll get a "feel" for which ones have the best payout rate.

Another slot strategy you can use is to spread your bankroll. Most successful players use their money on different machines (unless they hit a winning streak on one, in which case you ride it out for as long as possible). For example, if you've got $50, play in slots that require low credit. The winning will be less, but you'll get to play more, and if you get lucky, those "small" wins will accumulate.

Don't be afraid to try out another slot. Some people may scoff at the idea of hot and cold machines, but it does happen. If you feel that the machine is cold, switch. This easier to do online. In some casinos, it can be tough especially if it's crowded. If you can't find one, stop playing for a while, and wait for another slot to free up and play again.

One final slot strategy worth mentioning is to do your homework. Get familiar with the machine first. Too often players end up hitting the right combo but fail to get the jackpot because they didn't play with the max credits. Know the rules, and you'll have more fun.

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