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Slots Tournaments in Las Vegas

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When heading out to Las Vegas, it is easy to stumble upon many slots tournaments.  In the numerous Vegas Casinos, live slots tournaments are offered on a regular basis.  These Vegas slots tournaments are quite popular to both the locals and to tourists who head to Vegas for a slots vacation.  When in Vegas, you should be able to find a wide variety of slots tournaments at popular Vegas casinos such as the Bellagio, Harrah’s, the Luxor, MGM Grand, the Stratosphere, and even Caesars Palace.  In fact, you can surely find a Vegas slot tournament to play in at any of the casinos in Vegas.

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Vegas slots tournaments come in a variety of formats and buy-ins.  Some Vegas slots tournaments are offered to holders of the casino player’s club card as a bonus for players who have accumulated a specified number of points.  These Vip Slots tournaments are promotional in nature and let slots players who regularly frequent the casino and play the games have a shot at winning some nice slots tournament prizes.  Additionally, Vegas slots tournaments can often be found for as little as $5 or $10 or as much as $1000 for the high rollers.

Vegas slots tournaments typically take on one of two formats.  Some Vegas slots tournaments start players off with a set number of credits.  The slot tournament player is free to play until these credits end up at zero.  Alternatively and ideally though, the credits never hit zero and the player continues playing until satisfied with the number of credits they have accumulated.

Other live Vegas slots tournaments start players out with a specified number of credits, but they give the players a set time frame in which they can play.  For example, the slots tournament starts the tournament players out with 2000 slots credits.  The player has 20 minutes to obtain the best results they can by spinning the reels.  Once the 20 minutes have expired, the tournament slot machine freezes up the results are recorded.  Once recorded, the results are compared with the other slots tournament players’ results and the prizes are paid out accordingly.

The slots tournaments in Vegas can take place over the course of a morning, afternoon, night, or weekend.  Additionally, some Vegas Slot Tournaments span throughout the course of an entire day, week, or even month.  These lengthier slots tournaments that you will find in Vegas casinos often pay both cash and prizes.  A player can typically enter the slots tournament anytime during the month and at the end of the month, the results of the tournament are posted.  Prizes are awarded accordingly.

In order to play in a Vegas slots tournament, a player must obtain a casino player’s club card from the underlying casino.  This lets the casino track the entire tournament field, and assures them that they will be able to contact the winner or winners to ship them the prizes.  Slots tournaments in Vegas are quite fun and definitely very exciting.  Most all the Vegas casinos provide slots tournaments on at least a daily basis, so be sure to visit your favorite Vegas Casino to take a spin in some of the Vegas slots tournaments.

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