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Some Basic Insights About Slots

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Need help with slot machines? It would do a slot player good to know some basic facts about slots. Read on to know what the experts know. - Facts about Slots - Classics are the best. Stick to classic slot machines, those with three reels and one payline. If you want to play slots that have more reels and paylines, do so for the sake of diversity. Don't expect to get better odds or payouts because you won't. In fact, the classic slots have the best setup for overall success.

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First, let's make it clear: one slot machine spin has nothing to do with any other. Two jackpots in a row are as likely to be hit as any other combination. It is totally unpredictable. Do not attempt to predict the next spin based on the previous ones. It is impossible. - There is no "schedule" for a jackpot to occur. It is completely up to the computer program in the slot machine when it will generate a jackpot combination, and its choices are quite random. If the computer does generate a jackpot combination, it still does not create a win unless a player makes a spin at that precise moment. - Facts about Slots

  • Multi-paylines do not give better odds. You might think with more paylines you can make more wins. It does not work that way. The odds for winning and losing are always about the same. It has nothing to do with the number of paylines; it only has to do with how many stopping points a symbol has on each reel. The more stops, the more often a symbol turns up.

  • More costs less. A dollar slot machine is looser than a quarter slot machine. And a multi-line penny slot is just as bad as a sucker bet on craps table. Play dollar slot machines or higher. The casinos make more money from them so it makes them more generous. - Facts about Slots - Rapid spinning does not increase one's chances of hitting a big payoff. Again, the slot machine's choice of combinations at the end of a spin are random. No amount of timing can "catch" a good payoff.

  • Some slot machines are really tighter/looser than others. If it seems one slot machine pays you out more than another, you are probably right. In all likelihood, you have found a tight slot machine and a loose one. Don't wait too long for this. If you have any doubts, just leave the slot and find another. Time is money. We hope these tips are useful to you in making more out of your slot playing.

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