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Stakes Levels on Slots and Jackpots

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Slot machines are really about good fortune – so playing them strategically isn't likely to deliver any stunning results. Therefore, it's a much better policy to play the machines that you love, in the style that you like – rather than following dubious rules, such as 'if you lose 10 spins in a row, quit the slot machine'.

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However, what you can add to your slot gaming are simple gaming tips which can help turn your into a better players of the slots – and possibly boost your reward levels and chance of hitting big wins……

Slot budget

Slot machine gaming is down to luck – most explicitly illustrated by the few lucky gamers who manage to scoop jackpot wins well over £1 million! It's therefore important to step up to the slots with a bankroll that's essentially funding entertainment – and not one that's specifically designed to win big money! Fundamentally – slots should be viewed as a form of intrinsic entertainment, that just happens to come with a cool chance to win pennies or mega bucks!

Level stake slots

Playing slots with level stakes is also an easy way to set yourself sensible slot session loss limits. For example, let's say you have a weekly budget of 20.00 – split into 4 weekly sessions. Naturally, if you divide your weekly budget by four, you're left with 5.00 per session. You can go a step further and divide the session budget by your desired spin number – such as 5.00/50 = 0.10 (50 spins per session x 0.10). With time, you can either add our weekly budget to your bankroll to boost your stake level or spin number per session, or try and make a regular profit to boost your funds. Playing with levels stakes is also the sure-fire way to prevent chasing losses and to avoid your fluctuating fortunes being adversely affected by different spin sizes.

Compound slot betting

Depending on your level of luck and discipline – there is a chance of building-up your slot bank without hitting huge wins. Assuming you can significantly stack-up your winnings, you can adopt the strategy of compounding to bet with bigger stakes, for bigger rewards – without increasing your relative risk. For example, if you wagered 1% of your slot bank (such as 1.00 with a bankroll of 100.00), with compound betting, your bet size would increase to 2.00 at 200.00. In the long-term, your goal should be to build a big enough bank to play high stakes slots, without a big liability to your bankroll.

Jackpot tips

Playing specifically to win jackpots on Progressive Slots requires a slightly different approach to general slot machine gaming. Of course, while the actually chance of winning a million is small – it's still real and someone will hit a lucky spin or the jackpots just get bigger and bigger! The important factor to consider is how your spin size affects the payout potential. For example, you need to check how many coins are needed to trigger the full jackpot payout level. In combination with the coin number, the coin size must also be factored in the deliver the jackpot size should you manage to get seriously lucky. For example:

The best tip is to max-out the coin number with the smallest coin size first, to trigger all the pay lines and jackpot power of the slot. Then – depending on your budget, look at increasing the coin size. Of course – you'll want to game with a fair volume rather than a couple of big spins per week, so start out small and gradually look to increase your coin size.

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