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Test your casino knowledge with this quiz

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You think you know the games, but do you know the people behind them? Take this casino quiz to figure out. What do dealers do?  How do they make your gaming experience better? Question #4: What job title describes an employee who gets chips for players at a poker table? Question #5: When a player hits a small slot machine jackpot, which casino staff member makes the payout? Question #6: In which game does the dealer use a paddle? Poker, but only in the VIP room Answer #1: D.  A “croupier” spins the wheel and throws the ball into the wheel well to start a game of Roulette.

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Answer #2: C.  A “stickman” uses his long stick (hence the name) to gather the dice after a craps roll.

Answer #3: C.  A “boxman” handles chips, guards the chip box and colors up a player’s chips at the craps table.

Answer #4: B.  A “chip runner” carries chips from the cage or the podium to the poker tables.

Answer #5: A.  A slot attendant makes cash payouts to players who win smaller jackpots

Answer #6: B.  A baccarat dealer (also called a “croupier”) will dispense the cards with a paddle.

Our panel of casino game experts can offer a new player advice on the best bets in the casino, as well as those worth avoiding. The odds get progressively better.

Question #3:  Which machine game can actually give the casino a negative advantage? Question #4: Which of these bets has the highest house advantage? Question #5: What does the “insurance” bet in Blackjack “insure” against? It insures the player that he will win his initial bet, regardless of the rest of the hand. It insures the player that he will win his insurance bet if the dealer has a “natural”. It insures the player that he will win both his insurance and initial bet if the dealer does not have a “natural” It insures the player that his car will not be stolen from the parking lot Question #6: In the original Ian Fleming novel “Casino Royale”, what game does James Bond play against Le Chiffre? Answer #1: D. A straight, or single-number, bet offers a payout of 35 to 1, the best of any table game.

Answer #2: C.  The jackpot on a progressive slot machine gets higher with each bet.

Answer #3: D.  Playing for a Royal Flush with maximum credits, Double Bonus can offer the player a 0.2% advantage over the casino.

Answer #4: A. A “tie” bet in baccarat carries a house edge of 14.44%, one of the worst in the casino.

Answer #5: B.  The player wins the insurance bet, but loses his initial bet, if the dealer has a ten-point card to go with his ace.

Answer #6: B.  The 2006 movie changed the game from baccarat to Texas Hold’em poker due to the popularity of the game at the time.

While some players use their time at the casinos to relax and enjoy themselves, others get caught up in the tension and excitement of putting their money on the line with every play.  Sometimes, that anxiety can lead some players to forget their good manners and engage in some bad behavior.  Although casinos will often allow players to stretch the bounds of decorum, some offenses will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.  Don’t let this happen to you! Question #1: Which blackjack “trick” is neither illegal nor cheating, but will result in immediate expulsion? Question #2:  What activity is banned from many Las Vegas casinos? Question #3:  What activity is banned from all Las Vegas sports books? Question #4: In 2008, a New York man weighing over two hundred kilograms was ejected from an Atlantic City poker room.  Why? He was too overweight for the chairs. He threatened to sit on a dealer. Question #5: Which poor behavior was poker champion Scotty Nguyen engaged in at the World Series of Poker? All of the above Answer #1: C. If a player is believed to be a card counter, they will be immediately thrown out and barred from future entry.

Answer #2: B. Although current law does not prohibit smoking in casinos, many resorts are becoming predominantly non-smoking.

Answer #3: D. Cell phone use is prohibited in the sports book.  However, this ban may be lifted soon due to competition from internet sports betting sites.

Answer #4: A. The man had been playing poker for over seventeen hours and did not take a shower.  Talk about a bad beat!

Answer #5: D. Nguyen did all of these during the 2008 WSOP HORSE championship.  Despite his bad behavior, he won the tournament.

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