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The Allure of the Online Casino

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As gambling has grown over the years, it encountered a new technological breakthrough in the form off the Internet. The advances in online capabilities have allowed the ancient past time to meet the modern age, so that players from all over the globe can now participate in high stakes games operating from literally all over the world themselves.

Bonus Casino Adrenaline
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Although no longer allowed to be based in the United States’ territories, online casinos operate from a wide variety of jurisdictions from around the world. The most popular ones are based in such countries and territories as

Antigua & Barbuda gained fame for being the first such country or territory to issue online gaming licenses, and like Costa Rica remains a popular hosting territory. Malta has also proven to be extremely popular, as it is a European Union country, making winnings there non-taxable to players of other EU countries. All of these Online Casinos in such territories are attractive to Americans, who have to participate in their Internet gambling via companies based in other borders.

Players are enticed to the various Online Casinos using sign up and deposit bonuses. Some of these bonuses can prove to be significant amounts of money, occasionally upwards of a thousand dollars. Examples of these types of bonuses include:

No Deposit Required Bonuses are fairly self explanatory. Players register with the Online Casino. Then, without having to provide any funds at all, they receive a bonus credit to their new Internet gambling account. These types of bonuses are not typically too big, usually coming in around the $10 amount.

Unlike the No Deposit Required Bonuses which tend to the stingy side, Match (sometimes called initial are a welcome) Deposit Bonuses can be a bigger deal. After a player registers, he or she provides a credit card or online check deposit to the Online Casino. He or she then receives a full match for the amount deposited. Some examples of these include amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000 matching bonus amounts.

Continuous Monthly Bonuses are again fairly intuitive to understand. After players register and make their first deposit, they can look forward to receiving once a month bonus amounts ranging typically from $30 to $100 per month. The Online Casino may have rules and limitations on the minimum monthly deposit amount that the players must maintain in order to receive these fairly generous monthly bonuses.

With Online Casinos the action is fast and without slowdowns in the software or other glitches. Graphics are impressive and the actual software is, generally, easy to use and to navigate around. Internet players almost feel like they are in, depending on the theme of the casino, in Vegas or in Monaco type gambling houses with these slick Online Casino platforms nowadays. Software for the Online Casinos is provided by various different companies, some of the more preferred software platforms are Microgaming, Real Time Gaming and Playtech.

The reasons for the rapid rise in popularity of Online Casinos is fairly apparent. Payouts can be significant, sometimes guaranteed to be in excess of 98% and take that in conjunction with free money one can claim from the bonuses.

Why should a person who wishes to gamble have to drive hundreds of miles away from his or her home, or pay to go on an offshore or riverboat cruise, just to do so? This is the very reasoning on which the Online Casinos have capitalized. As the Internet takes over more and more of peoples’ lives, Americans in particular wish to go out less to do things that they can simply perform from the comfort of an easy chair in the privacy of their own homes. Access to Online Casinos is quick, easy, and discreet. And perhaps most of all, using Online Casinos appeals to the allure of the so called “magic money,” the ability to fire up the tables using a credit card, instead of ponying up the more sobering cold hard cash pulled from the individual’s wallet. Due to all of these reasons, in particular the convenience and simplicity of use, Online Casinos will likely only continue to grow in size and popularity in the coming years.

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