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The Different Kinds of Slot Players

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There are different kinds of slot players. They play in a different manner and they react differently to slot machines. Different people have different approaches to money and the amount they will risk. Do you know which kind of slot player you are? There are three general kinds of slot players. To determine which one you are, you need to analyze yourself first.

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The first question is the level of your risk tolerance. Are you an aggressive kind of player, an average risk taker or a conservative kind of player? First, lets look at the Aggressive kind of slot player. An aggressive kind of player is someone who's not afraid to go broke. It really does not matter if his or her money is lost. What matters most is that he or she had a chance to hitting the jackpot. You are considered to be an aggressive player if you are the type of person who likes to push the button all the time and waiting for actions. There is no dull moment in playing slot machines for you. But for you, winning is not always what it is all about. It is more about the thrill and excitement the slot machine is giving you. For you, it is no guts no glory. You are always ready to pull that handle and see what you got.

Second, is the Average kind of slot player. This second kind of slot player is hopeful. It means that you are hoping that you will bring home money from playing slots. You will play the slot machine in the hope of winning. Taking risk is fine with you, but you will never go home broke. It does not matter if the pot is small or not. The amount of the jackpot is not important as long as you have won the game, that's what matters the most. For you, playing time is fine as well, but a little extra winning is more inviting. You are an average kind of player, because you play to win.

Third, is the Conservative kind of slot player. You like to go to casinos and look around. But you never like risking all your money. You are always on the safe side. Fun and entertainment should not cost you too much. Spending is well monitored, and you can sustain your happiness. As much as you like to gamble at the slot machine, you always think the possibility of losing your money in the long run. It is best to be safe than sorry. After you determine which type of slot player you are, now is the time to choose the right slot machine for you. A progressive slot machine is suited for an aggressive kind of player. Progressive slot machines have high jackpot amounts. This slot machine normally has players who are willing to bet it all for the money. The quarter slot machine is ideal for an average kind of player. This machine offer winnings to players but not that much. The hitting frequency is high for this machine, so there is a higher chance of hitting a winning button. A nickle machine will definitely be a good machine for a conservative kind of slot player. You are only required to play with just a small amount and no major risk is being taken there.

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