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The Expert Gambler Revealed

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One doesn't have to show off in gambling; except if you are equipped not with money, but with brains. Loads of it.

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The gambler knows best when to start manipulating people around him, for competition gets difficult by the minute at the gaming table.

He can be friendly, yes. But he is in fact, deadly. Not in the literal sense, but deadly enough to face his adversaries in keeping the game alive, and it gets more exciting this way.

The subtle manipulation and his cool poise all throughout the game. One can never really tell what's going on with him, for he's an expert when it comes to this.

Or, it can be the other way around. The witty gambler can always put on different masks whenever he wants to, and he does that to lead his opponents otherwise. The more 'nervous' and 'uneasy' he appears, the more chance his opponents lay down important cards they should have just kept from the start.

They have been fooled, all right. Another point to the expert one. A very common scene in gambling, yet it's funny how people never learn from these tricks right in front of their very eyes.

The expert does not cheat, for he finds it unglamorous. Unhealthy, too. Once a gambler get dependent on cheating, he knows that playing in game where they all need to present their craziest tricks and strategies might get the better of him and lose. Period.

The never-ending mental puzzles the expert have mastered truly made him a master of his own show; without the pain of losing he had years ago, he wouldn't be able to solve numerical puzzles he's inclined to break down.

For each and every loss, he makes it a point to study his weak points, and spends time at least polishing his flaws. So that he will be unbeatable on the next game.

For each and every win, he makes it all the more sweet by exercising control to his finances. That way, he can always hold onto something important. Just to be sure.

A very exciting activity that is not only a game to him, but a small-scale business as well. He is his own boss. He only demands for himself, and if all else fails, he is the one to blame.

The expert gambler isn't put off by the newest trends in winning. He might try one, but he will always stick by his rules. His capability of merging the conventional methods with the new ones will, more than likely, be applied to his games.

As long as he is being true to himself, nothing will ever go wrong. Many have tried to imitate his strategies, but for as long as he keeps on changing his masks, no one will ever know what's inside his mind.

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