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The history of Blackjack

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Although Blackjack has become one of the most popular casino games in online and land based casinos, very little is known about blackjack history or its exact origins. The game we know and love today, now called blackjack, was once known as ‘twenty one’, and the earliest record in blackjack history of this being played dates back to 1601, where the game is written about by a Spanish author named Miguel de Cervantes. His story is based on two men who play a similar casino game called ‘twenty one’ in the French town of Seville. The main rules in this version of the game do not differ too much from the ones we see today.

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The game found its way to America and into the casinos there, but was not very popular and many of the casinos had to offer large bonuses to players to get them to play, this was largely due to the odds being stacked highly in the casinos favour. Blackjack history shows that the most significant of these was a payout of 10 to 1, which was paid out to a player who was dealt the Ace of Spades and a Black Jack. This was called a Blackjack and since then the name has stuck. Hence this is where the game has its name born, the only difference of course is that today any picture card accompanied by an ace is called a blackjack.

The casino games popularity grew in stature throughout blackjack history and many visitors to the casinos would head to the tables in hope that they may land one of the big bonuses on offer, this became a popular strategy. This rise in the number of regular players forced the casinos to review the game rules to make it a much fairer game for both the punter and themselves. They did away with the high bonus schemes and replaced it with the simple 3 to 2 payout on all blackjacks that we see today. The rest of the rules including the insurance and the push rule (players used to lose their stake should they draw with the dealer, rather than retaining it as we do today) were introduced forming the game as we now know it. It had also become commonly known as blackjack and so the name stuck in blackjack history.

This casino games popularity greatly increased in 2008 when Columbia Pictures made blackjack history by producing a film called ’21′. The film is based on a true story that follows a Blackjack team comprised of MIT students that made Blackjack History using card counting techniques to bag themselves over a million dollars from various casinos in Las Vegas. Working as a team they would sit a couple of their players at different tables playing just the table minimum in bets as not to raise any alarm with the dealer. While sat there they would keep a count on the cards in such a way that they would be able to determine if the deck was about to start playing in their favour or not. If it was then they would signal to one of their high roll players who would come over and play with the big money. When the deck went cold again he would leave and wait for a signal from someone at another table. The film, the most covered in Blackjack History, netted over $85,000,000 and sent thousands of people scurrying to the local casino to try their luck at the tables, unfortunately we are not all MIT maths students, and card counting is kind of frowned upon by the Pitt Boss.

Today Blackjack has become one of the most popular games in any casino be it online or land based. It’s popularity is most probably due to the fact that the game has the smallest house edge and following a good basic strategy and money management systems you can make that house edge almost non existent, especially when your playing online as you can sit and watch the cards all day and play when you feel you have an edge. With the introduction of the internet and the thousands of online casinos that have sprang up, it is easier now than in any other time in Blackjack History to get into the action and play. Long ago you would have to get all dressed up and travel to your local casino to play, now you can play from the comfort of your own home on your pc. We are also able to scour the internet for information on the best strategies and have them to hand while we play, giving us a little more advantage by not being under pressure sat at a live table. In recent years technology has helped improve the way we play various casino games and blackjack is no different with the introduction of live dealers, probably the biggest step forward in blackjack history. Now we can have a live feed to a specially made casino floor where we can interact with other players and the dealer while we play. This enhances the reality of the game as you can watch each spin as it happens and get all the excitement of being at a real land based casino, just without all the hassle.

So whats the next chapter in blackjack history? The future looks good as the popularity grows and grows and with each new casino comes a new generation of players. Blackjack looks like its here to stay and the rules and game play look set to continue as they are as they are widely thought of to be fair to both player and casino, although the casino still has a slight edge. Become part of the blackjack history and start playing today

Currently, Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world of gambling. The holds true in the world of online casinos as well. This could be because Online Blackjack is one of the easiest casino card games to play.

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