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The Legality of Sports Betting

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Sports betting is a complex subject. If you want to get started with wagering or betting, you should know a great deal about its legality. The laws are not unclear, but understanding the laws is very important.

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Because of the anti-gambling legislation in the United States, a lot of people are concerned about the legality of sports betting. Until now, this subject is still under criticism. Read on and find out about sports betting’s legality issues.

Back in 1961, a law was passed called the Interstate Wire Act. This prohibited sports gambling in the US by phone and wire-containing devices. Since the internet was not yet invented that time, there is the question if online gambling is indeed covered by the act. Even the US Justice Department claimed that the act covers all forms of gambling, including those on the internet.

Another law was passed in 2006 known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This law prohibits US citizens from using checks, electronic fund transfer, and credit cards to finance gambling activities on the web. However, this act pertains to the funding of gambling accounts and does not touch on sports betting.

With the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it only shows that the individual activities of players can’t be considered as illegal. Funding wagers on the web is illegal but not the act of betting or play.

The major sports leagues (Major League Baseball, NHL, NFL, and NBA) rallied together against sports betting. The leagues believed that such practice can harm amateur and professional sports by encouraging suspicion or skepticism. Some people might think that the final scores and individual plays may be influenced by other factors (e.g. bets) other than pure athletic competition.

Despite the efforts of several representatives in the government, sports betting locally or online are still considered as illegal. However, this will depend on how you interpret the law. Besides, until now, no one has been incarcerated for placing sports bets online.

Betting has always been an all-time favorite and it is not only practiced in the US but also in other countries. People love sports but since it is considered generally illegal, you must be careful. Online betting is common, and if you plan to participate in one, it would be best if you pick the legitimate websites.

You are at risk when you take part in sports betting. As mentioned earlier, the individual plays are not affected by the law. Use your personal discretion when placing bets. Besides, betting can be fun as long as you don’t bet a large amount.

Betting can be addicting. You must be responsible enough to control your urge to bet excessively. Just keep your bets at minimum. By doing so, you won’t lose a lot of money. This is very important since the legality of betting and all forms of gambling are still vague.

Lawsuits have been filed before based on the Interstate Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. However, no one has ever been put to jail by simply placing bets. If you like sports betting, it is up to you to continue doing this but just be cautious if you decide on continuing it. Choose the websites well. You can even casually bet with your friends or neighbors if you want.

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