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The Making of the Slot Machine

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Slot machines have been one of the most famous gambling games in history. The game gives approximately seventy percent of a casino's profit annually. In Las Vegas, known for its gambling industry, has one to eight ratio that means one slot machine for eight players. Slot machine history really gives evidence of its popularity.

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Fathers of slot machine were Sittman and Pitt that invented the device of luck in 1891. Before, it was just a form of leisure due to nonexistent payment methods. The establishment that owns the machine can exchange cigarettes or a mug of beer for each winning. Nickels were the starters of slot machine and players would pull the lever whenever they want to play. Establishments, aiming for higher profits, would remove the Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spade; hence, preventing the player from winning through Royal Flush.

Next in slot machine history is the Brooklyn invention of the "Liberty Bell" by Charles Fey in 1899. This came from the San Francisco, California beginning a new era of slot machines. This offered more automation with three reels. Each reel has five symbols comprised of the card symbols (spades, hearts, and diamonds), horseshoes, and of course the Liberty Bell. Moreover, Fey made an easier payment system that also increased the chances of winning. Before, the maximal amount for winning a three-reel combination of Liberty Bell amounts to ten nickels. Subsequently, another slot machine invention came out that offered candies are prizes and reel symbols.

In 1964, another version of slot machine was invented. Slot machine history credits this to Bally who invented the electric mechanical device with additional automation compared to Fey's slot machine. This invention was followed by the modern Penny Slot Machine and began its gambling fame. In penny slot machines, nickels are not the starters anymore, instead, bills and tokens replaced nickels. The birth of penny slot machine was to encourage gamblers to pay more. Because some slot machines required more bills, it was decreased to penny from nickels.

Other than the nickel to penny transformation, the purpose of inventing this machine is to make players think of it as cheaper but higher payoffs. Nonetheless, it takes more than one penny to win in slot machines. Usually, when playing with the penny slot machine, the player can initiate a game after depositing the largest number of coins. Although this is much bigger than a dollar slot machine, prizes do not run cheap. An average of $16 dollars per 1,600 pennies could occur in one spin.

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