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The Passion of Randy Holland for Poker

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Randy Holland is one of those poker professionals who can be considered as a late bloomer. He began playing this gambling game when he was already forty years old. But despite the fact that he learned how to play poker later than most poker professionals, he has been hooked in the game and has no intention of abandoning it any time soon.

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Despite being a late bloomer in the world of poker, Randy Holland's life is also somewhat similar to the lives of other poker professionals. Just like the others, this poker professional was also engaged in a different profession. He used to be a lawyer who was doing quite well in such profession. However, he came to a point when he wanted to try something else other than being a lawyer all his life. Randy Holland was working in Florida when he also started to play poker. That was in the 1990s. During that time, he decided to take time off from being a lawyer and give professional poker a try. He told himself that if things would not turn out the way he would want it to be, then he would go back to being a lawyer. But he was bitten by the poker bug soon thereafter, and has turned into a poker professional since then. He has not gone back to being a lawyer since the day he became hooked in playing poker.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Randy Holland spent his first months as a poker player participating in poker events in Mississippi. During this time, poker had just been legalized in the said state. He then joined a poker event at the Gold Coast Open that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. When he won such event, he knew that he would want to turn into a serious poker professional.

The poker achievements of Randy Holland include two World Series of Poker bracelets. This poker professional earned the first one in 1996 when he joined a US$1,500 Razz event. He was also awarded the cash prize of US$87,000. In 2000, this poker professional earned his second World Series of Poker bracelet. This was when he joined a US$1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo event, wherein he was awarded the cash prize of US$120,990. This poker professional has also displayed his poker skills in events conducted at some of the most popular casinos around the world, including the Foxwoods Casino, the Commerce Casino, and the Bicycle Casino.

Aside from playing poker, Randy Holland is also passionate about traveling. And this is what makes him love poker even more, because by playing poker, he gets to travel in different parts of the world. Randy Holland is also very grateful to have met his wife, whom he met at the Commerce Casino. Ever since they got married, they have been traveling together. Randy Holland just feels happy to travel with a companion.

Randy Holland also does not believe that poker is merely a game of chances. This poker professional says that he has never been fond of games of chances, and if poker did not require players to be skillful, he says that he would never be interested in playing such game.

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